Canadensis at Bingo small

If you are a regular blog reader, you know that I love games!  Without a doubt, Mah Jongg is my favorite game to play (and teach!) but Bingo has taken a spot in my heart and number 2!  (It has bumped back connect four, apples to apples and blokus!).  Last night, Beth Or in Ambler hosted a Bingo night, and it’s a ton of fun!  We attended last year, (see this old blog post) and it’s become an annual tradition we look forward to!  So many of our amazing families are involved with Beth Or, and in the photo above you can see (from left to right) Dara Brecher (campers Jeremy & Amanda) with Cara, Melissa, Myself, Robin and Roni Jaffe (camper Idan, and husband Dr. Jamison!).  Many more of our camp mom’s were there as well!

Can Bingo 2

In the photo above, Steffany Kratchman (campers Landon & Rayla) is holding up the basket she won!  Nearly 400 women attend the event, which includes not only Bingo games, but also raffle prizes.  Steffany actually won the basket of goodies that Camp Canadensis donated – what are the chances?!


It was a lot of fun putting the basket together – it included a camp backpack, and tons of essentials that come in handy to have around the house, especially during the holiday season when there are presents to wrap!  Inside was a label maker, stickers, scissors, tape, glue, sharpies and lots of pens for writing holiday cards.

Already excited for Bingo in 2014!