Mystery Boxes Are In The Mail!!

Box 1

If you ordered one of our Carewear Holiday Mystery Boxes, it is officially on it’s way to you in the mail!  The winter team spent most of the day in an assembly line wrapping, packing, and sealing up the 131 boxes that were ordered – an amazing number for our first year offering these gifts!  It was a group effort, and we are so excited for you to discover all the surprises inside!

I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so I cannot reveal any of the items in the box.  But, in the above photo, you can see how it will arrive.  The box is ready to give, and wrapped in Blue & Gold tissue paper.  As soon as you open it up, you’ll see a letter that explains all the goodies inside, and thanks you for helping us raise more than $2,000 for the Canadensis Cares Scholarships!

Each box was packed with the recipient in mind, and even if you and your sibling both received it, you’ll have slight differences between your goodies.  Because some people might not open up their box until the later nights of the holiday, we ask that everyone try to help us keep the secret, and not post their mystery box items on social media.  On December 6th, we’ll be posting photos showing all the items, so if you don’t have a box arriving on your doorstep, you’ll still get to see what was in the surprise!

Box 3

There go all the boxes…it filled up the entire USPS truck!