With the Snyder Girls – Sabrina on the left and Sage on the right.

Let me start off by wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sage Snyder!!  She is turning 9 years old today, and I got to spend some time with her yesterday – and I saw the birthday presents and cupcakes all stacked up!  Sage is currently in 3rd grade, and this will be her first summer at Camp Canadensis, in the Junior Girls division.  As soon as she gets off the bus at camp, she’d like to go by her nickname “Sagie”.  Her big sister Sabrina Snyder (who will be at camp for her 3rd summer in the Upper Inter Girls division) has been telling her a lot about camp and getting her excited!  Sage definitely plans on being in one of the camp shows, she is pumped to go on the zip line and high ropes course, she can’t wait for the trip to Dorney Park, and she thinks that the hypnosis show is going to be one of the best evening activities!  She does a ton of activities during the school year – including gymnastics, Hebrew School, hip-hop dance, soccer during the fall and basketball during the winter.  She’s even taken voice lessons!

Sabrina was so helpful on the home visit – it was almost like she works for camp!   The Snyder girls plan to do “sister time” during the summer – she and Sage plan to write some letters home together, and to spend time in each others bunks getting ready for the big dances.  I’m sure they will miss their adorable dogs Buster and Trixie while they are away, but they have so many fun things and friendships to look forward to!  Sabrina sees her Bunk 6 – 2010 friends a lot, and they have a big sleepover party coming up!

With the Segal kids – Haley and Sam

Recently, I also got to spend time with another new Junior Girl – Haley Segal!  She is currently in 1st grade, and she will be in Girls Bunk 2 this summer (NOT Boys Bunk 2!!)  It’s a funny ‘camp quirk’ that we have at Canadensis, we don’t have a Bunk 1, so most of our youngest campers start off in Bunk 2!  Haley reminded me that she had a birthday before camp, so she will be 7 years old when it starts, and she is totally ready to do all the activities we have at camp…especially art!  She takes art classes at Handworks, one of the projects she made was an incredible crochet snowflake – I told her that crochet was one of my favorite hobbies too!  Haley has two dogs named Hobie and Dexter, she likes to ice skate, she has been practicing writing good letters home and believe it or not…she loves to eat salad!  She is excited for the COALS camping overnight trip – especially the s’mores for dessert!  She is a good climber, so she’ll climb up our rockwall with no problem, and she’s great at gymnastics too – she can even do tricks on the high bar!

Haley is an alumni of camp, which means she has family members who have gone to Canadensis before her.  Last year, her big brother Sam Segal (currently in 3rd grade) was in Boys Bunk 3, and this year he will be back in the Junior Boys division. Their dad Alan Segal also went to camp, and showed me some of his alumni photos during the home visit.  Because so many Segals have gone to Canadensis, Haley has some awesome vintage Canadensis gear.  Check out the photo above where Haley and Sam are holding up t-shirts that are nearly 30 years old!

Also, check out the photo below of Sam in front of his house.  He has the largest hill in front of his home, he can actually snowboard down it!  I call it the “Segal Ski Slope” and I would be way too scared to go down it, but Sam says it is super fun.

Sam traded his Phillies t-shirt that he liked to wear during the summer for a much warmer Phillies sweatshirt!

So, sticking to the blog topic of ‘birthdays’…I’m looking forward to the upcoming weekend!  I’ll actually be spending it in Manhattan to celebrate my favorite person’s birthday.  We’ll be going to a concert and out to some great restaurants.  On Saturday, we’ll be going to Max Vorcheimer’s Bar Mitzvah!!  His birthday isn’t until February, but the Bar Mitzvah celebration this weekend is similiar to a birthday – he is celebrating becoming a man!  Best of luck to Max, can’t wait to celerbate tomorrow!