Introducing…’Annie the Dog’ Mondays

Hello Everyone!  I really need your help!

I want to start a new blog segment that will run every Monday, and it’s based on my favorite memory from summer 2010.  One day before any of the campers arrived, I was working in the pre-camp office with Cara Corradetti, and when she picked up her guitar to entertain us during a break, pure genius came out.  She wrote a song for my dog Annie, and called it “Annie the Dog”.  Check it out…

BeckyJ was also working with us in the pre-camp office, and Jason “JCal” Calabretta came up every weekend, so we all started to add verses to the “Annie the Dog” song during the weeks before camp started, and now we want to bring YOU in on the fun! This summer we’ll be making an “Annie the Dog” music video, and we want your help!

It’s very easy to do…each Monday, I’ll post a cute photo of Annie and you can add your rhyming lines as a comment below. Here is the photo for this week…Annie on a hike in Arizona

From JCal: Annie the dog on the hiking trail…
Annie the dog opening the mail

From Cara: Annie the dog hiking a mountain,
Annie the dog sips from a fountain!

From Pam: Annie the dog, walking on the trail…
Annie the dog, just a-wagging her tail!

From BeckyJ: Annie the do walking on the trail
Annie the dog learning braille