Bonjour from Paris, France (last day:( )

Sorry we have been slow with blog posts, but the internet was very expensive in France. Robin is at her gate for her flight home and I am at mine (different terminals unfortunately) headed to DESTINATION UNKNOWN for 2 more days of work. We had an amazing time in Paris. We took it fairly easy by the Forti runaround standard when on touristy vacations (I was still wiped from Australia), but we ended up seeing some great sights and working fairly hard! We went up the Eiffel Tower (that’s what Robin really wanted to do), did a river barge cruise of the Seine (it was freezing, even on the inside), did a bit of walking (actually a lot), and yesterday went to the Jewish section of Paris. It was so neat- falafel stands, borekas, kosher restaurants/bakeries, etc. We loved it. We also went to the Shoah Museum (Holocaust museum) of the French jews and we found it to be fascinating. Aot of material and unfortunately we didn’t have enough time. Eating wise, I (Eric) was being a pain and didn’t want to eat long drawn out dinners, plus alot of French restaurants serve frog legs and steak tartare, so we ate at more casual places, except one nice Italian restaurant. We shared the Sole and a pasta, it was great. Believe it or not, I ate meat only once and that was chicken out of 5 days! Maybe that’s why I was tired?

The croissants, pain du chocolate (chocolate croissants), the apple tarts (pomme de tarte), and baguettes are all amazing. Despite all that, we ate relatively healthy and well, with a few sweet tooth items here and there. Oh, let’s not forget the crepes- but we only had them ONCE the whole time! Chocolate/Banana for me, coconut/banana for robin.

We really had a wonderful time together (no cell phones except a few texts from Jaycal/Unger) so we had some time to be together without lots of interruptions.

AuRevoir for now…I will check in from my next destination and stay tuned for Clue 2 (Video) of Where in the World to guess where I am headed next (without Robin).