Where in the World is Eric Forti: Paris Update

Hey Canadensis,

Me and Robin have been really busy the past few days in Paris. We have gotten to see some old staff members and enjoy the sites of Paris. We met up with Mariam from last summer and Pierre from 2 Summers ago. (Pierre and JayCal are twins). We took a trip to the Paris Holocaust Museum. It was very interesting seeing the stories of the French Jews. On Sunday, Me and Robin went over to the Eiffel Tower which was alot of fun. We were able to go inside and see a great view of Paris. JayCal was even able order our tickets and have them sent directly to my phone so we could avoid a 1 hour line! We have been busy doing some recruiting for camp as well! More later! Remember to keep checking my twitter for updates and pictures from Paris. I’m heading to my next destination later in the week and we’ll have another video clue for you from there!

Also, some of you have been asking for the Surfing Video from Australia. JayCal has told me he will be posting it sometime this week after it’s edited!

Here are some pictures that we’ve taken over the past few days!