Brian’s Blog is Back!

Hello Canadensis!

Yes.  Yes.  I know.  It’s been way too long since my blog has appeared on the site.  Maybe it’s because I am in denial that Summer 2011 is actually over!  Ha Ha!

What a great summer we had!  When looking back on the 49 days we shared together, I especially miss the morning line-ups.  In fact, on August 19 (which was the first Friday we had up at the summer office without camp in session), Eric Forti was sure to blast the song “Friday” from his computer speakers to get us all in the camp spirit!  Every morning, I love to see all of camp gather together with the music blasting, the campers and staff dancing and all of us laughing before we begin our activity-filled day.

Girls Cheering at Morning Line-Up.

Olivia Watman peforms her Cruel and Unusual Talent at Morning Line-Up. Wow!

A game of Unnatural Siblings at Morning Line-up!

This year, line-ups became extra special with the weekly announcement of our Camper TAC (Tagged at Canadensis) nominations.  It really made me feel good that each and every week there were so many campers that went above and beyond to help our their fellow campers and counselors.  This summer, 366 TACs were given out to campers!  Amazing!  I also enjoyed the weekly Honor Bunk announcements and getting to learn which bunks won prizes.  Of course, how could I also forget the morning line-up in which I was set up by Steph “Camp Mom” Vorcheimer and Jason “J.Cal” Calabretta who tricked me by announcing the wrong lunch for the day, ultimately causing me to have to jump into Lake Lenape?!?

Jones shows off the TAC he received.

Dani, Chloe and Olivia are proud of the TACs they received.

Bunk 4 wins Honor Bunk for their fifth time! Awesome job, guys.

Camp Mom Steph and Jason "J.Cal" Calabretta tricked me at morning line-up. I announced the wrong lunch for the day. So, I had to jump in the lake. Nice belly flop, huh?!?!

Once again, our CIT Program was so stellar.  Hats off to our oldest campers that totally set the tone for an incredible summer!  They were truly great leaders and role models to all of our campers.  I can specifically recall a moment during the Color War Sing when all of them gathered together for a picture and I was caught thinking just how truly special this group of campers was in making the summer so great.

2011 Girls CITs In The House!

2011 Boys CITs Dressed to Impress!

Speaking of Color War, WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!?!  Ha Ha!  The build up to Color War break was great this year with the mystery of what was in the box that sat on the amphitheater for several weeks before it mysteriously disappeared, leading to a multitude of fake breaks, including what has been called the “best fake break of all time” when the CITs entered camp on a bus to see all of camp screaming and yelling for Color War to begin!  Camp still had to wait a bit longer for our annual competition to begin though.  And, when Color War finally did break with the help of the entire camp, the five days of Blue vs. Gold was extremely close, especially with a Sing that was determined by all of two points.  Congratulations to Comic Book Blue in capturing this summer’s victory!

For weeks, campers wondered what was in the box?

Best Fake Break of All Time!

Congrutulations to Comic Book Blue!

With all of this, there is still so much more to reminisce about such as our first ever live broadcasts of the Canadensis Today shows as well as the Color War Sing or the two astounding camp theater productions of “Aladdin” and “13” or even the wonderful special event days like the Scavenger Hunt, Survival of the Fittest and Revolutionary War Day just to name a few.  I also think about all of the campers that progressed in activities like Hondas (where we now have so many campers that ride clutch bikes), Mountain Biking (including all of those campers that learned how to ride a bike at camp this year) and Woodshop (the projects this summer were some of the best we’ve ever seen).  The sports leagues this summer were also filled with so many close games that came down to final moments.  The new triple dare at the lake was a highlight for not only me, but so many campers and counselors!

Just thinking of all this makes me want to fix myself a big plate of Waffles and Ice Cream!  We can’t wait until we do it all over again in about 275 days!

Of course, the winter will bring us so many opportunities to see each other again.  Our winter reunion will be in early January, our Canteen on the Fly events will be in October and November in select areas and this fall we will also have several Senior Summit meetings to hear from our older campers on what they think should be brought to their program.

And, I am going to make more of an effort to make continual updates to my blog.

Have a great day!