Sushi with My Girls

Good news campers- I’m an official sushi roller! Over the weekend my sorority hosted a private sushi class at Pod in Philadelphia. I’m sure all my Philly campers can back me up in saying it’s one of the best restaurants in town! We may have even taken a quick lunch break at Pod during the college tour…

Me, Sam, and Jen at Pod!

Neali and Becca at Pod, while we glowed red!

Super cute in Purple Light

Since Pod doesn’t open until 5 for dinner on Saturdays we had the whole place to ourselves! Once all the girls and guests (I brought my mom and my aunt!) arrived, it was time to get down to business. The chef taught us how to make maki sushi (that’s the kind most of you loooove to eat) and hand rolls. He taught us about the ingredients, the process, the different types of fish, EVERYTHING you could ever want to know and more.

After his class it was our turn to give it a try! Everyone put on gloves and got a tray full of all we’d need to make a spicy salmon roll and a California roll. It wasn’t easy at the beginning, but once I got the hang of it I was a pro! When we all finished it was time for the main event- lunch! Everyone sat down to enjoy their creations… I’m pretty sure it tasted even better because of all the hardwork we put in! Here are some pictures from Pod:

Sushi Lesson

Gloves on and Ready to Roll!

My Mom and I with our creations!

After we were full of Sushi we stayed in town for some shopping and the Vanessa Carlton and Matt Nathanson concert… YES CITs 2008, she played White Houses! And YES future CITs of 2012, she played 1,000 Miles! She even started the whole thing off with her newest song, Carousel, which I used on the end of year movie for the CIT Girls 2011! What a campy night!

Vanessa playing White Houses <3

The next day I decided to put my sushi expertise to the test…

Ta da! My finished product!

Delighted with my work, I decided to pack my sushi for lunch today at the camp office! I think I may have a new hobby. Back on an old blog post I’d talked about Lauren Berry and I having a dream to own a sushi restaurant… I think we’re on our way! Best of all, this is easier than you’d think! I’m thinking iCan Roll Sushi sounds like a great idea for summer 2012…