Camp Birthday!

I arrived at camp this afternoon, and when I walked into the camp office I was greeted by “Happy Birthday’s” from my fabulous co-workers, and I noticed that my desk has been decorated with a sign and streamers by Jason “JCal” Calabretta – he is the absolute best!!  At dinner, I got to meet a bunch of our new staff for 2011, and I got to enjoy the delicious cake pictured above (sadly, it took me three attempts to blow out the candles).  Today is my 30th birthday, so I’m getting old…well at least by camp standards!

I’ve heard from so many amazing friends, family, campers and counselors today – it’s so nice to hear from people that you’ve might have lost touch with during the year.  There were so many special memories from this bday weekend (my dearest friends even arranged for us to make s’mores on my driveway in Philadelphia!!) – but one of my favorites was this picture emailed by my friends Suzy and Gary.  They live in New Orleans (my adopted home town) and their boys Evan and David are getting bigger every time I see a picture of them…and this one was just so cute!  In last year’s bday photo, they were in the tub…haha!