Senior Girls

I had a great evening this week with some of the lovely Camp Canadensis Senior Girls of 2011.  Pictured above, Remy will be a new Lower Senior, and Mel, Elizabeth (E-beth) and Alix will all be back for their 6th summers as Upper Seniors.  We drove around the Villinova, PA area in circles for a while – but while on the car ride the girls discussed their favorite camp activities and stories, and they even caught me up on some basic pop-culture things I don’t know now that I’m old.  Apparently, there is a song called “Friday” by Rebecca Black, that everyone in the free wold has heard of besides me!  I just watched the video on YouTube, pretty hilarious.

While enjoying our ice cream at Hopes Cookies, we relived some of the best memories from 2010, including the 3-day trip to Lake Placid that all the Lower Seniors go on.  We explained some of the best camp traditions, including Color War and Sing, Prom, and so much more.  Now it’s only 36 days til new camp memories begin!