Camp Friends!

Time spent with camp friends is always the best, and we know that many bunks have been arranging sleepovers this winter – we love seeing photos!  I thought I’d blog today and share some pictures of my recent time spent with camp friends, so here we go!


First up was a trip to Pittsburgh to celebrate Noah’s Bar Mitzvah!  He is in the picture above with his mom Sandy, who is part of our fabulous Head Counselor team at camp each summer!

Noah 3

He did a fantastic job leading the congregation, and then we go to enjoy “Club Noah” that night – the party was great, and I loved the logo that captured Noah’s amazing hair!

Noah 4

Everyone loves cupcakes…right?  Well, at the Bar Mitzvah there were tons of flavors, but my favorite was the campy classic “s’mores”!

Noah 7

It was fun to dance and hang out with camp friends, here’s a picture of me with Sandy and BeckyJ in the photobooth!

Noah 5

There was also a caricaturist there -he’s just starting to draw me in the photo above…


Noah 6

And here’s the final product – pretty good job!  Of course, I asked him to draw me walking Annie!

Noah 2  Annie got to come to Pittsburgh too, and before we headed out of town we took a walk over to see the giant inflatable rubber duck that was floating in the river.  He was so cute…I’d love to have him swim over to camp and spend the summer in Lake Lenape!


Later that month, I went to a Chinese cooking class with Eric & Robin.  It was hands on, and a lot of fun!  In the photo above, Eric is working in the kitchen with chef Joseph Poon!

Chinese 2

He learned how to make lo-mein, and it was delicious!  He’s so good at it now, he’ll be cooking for everyone on Chinese nights this summer!

Chinese 3

We learned how to make about 10 different dishes, and it was hard work!  Once we finished cooking, we got to enjoy the meal and by the end of the night we were totally stuffed!


I recently got to do some traveling to Cuba and New Orleans, and I was so lucky that my time in New Orleans overlapped with Lachie and Steph, so I was able to see them for a few hours!

Nola 2

They have spent two summers at Canadensis, and ran our waterfronts this year.  They are from Australia, and Lachie was our lake director, and Steph was the pool director!  They have been on an amazing coast to coast road trip after leaving camp, and they’ve planned to go and see just about everything the US and Canada have to offer!

Nola 3

We enjoyed beignets at Cafe Du Monde (they are like donuts covered in powdered sugar) and it was so good to hear about their travels!

Melissa 3

And finally, as you might know – Matt & Melissa are getting married soon!  Melissa is the Lower Girls Head Counselor, and Matt works full time for camp as the Operations Director.

Melissa 2

We recently went to Allentown (where Melissa lives and teaches during the off season) to celebrate her bridal shower.  It was a lovely luncheon, and as is the tradition at showers, Melissa ended the afternoon wearing a hat made out of all the bows and ribbons off her gifts.

Melissa 4

One of the coolest gifts was the bus Matt’s mom made for the couple.  It recreated their engagement last year!Melissa

In the photo above (from left to right) is Cara, Robin, Matt, Melissa and me – all the purple was just a coincidence!

I look forward to the next time I’ll get to see camp friends…on MONDAY (11/11/13)!  If you live on Long Island, I hope we’ll be seeing you at Canteen on the Fly at Carvel in Westbury NY.  We’ll be there from 2-3:30!