18 Months…

18 Months?! What do you think that represents?

Camp is only 7 Months away…thank goodness it’s not 18 months away!

Carli has turned 18 Months Old and boy did that go quickly! From the blog, you can see some newborn photos of her…to today, an 18 month old, Happy and Healthy, Canadensis Baby, or should I say Toddler! Summer 2014 watch out. She is walking and talking up a storm. I have no doubt that she will walk across your soccer leagues, or draw a picture for you in arts and crafts if you let her.

Carli as a Bumble Bee on Halloween, with her friend Hunter. CIT’S 2014 get excited..MICKEY MOUSE!

Last night, Pam and myself got together with some other local camp directors for dinner. It was great to see them, after not seeing our friends since last spring! Everyone said they had a great summer and we went through some of the highlights at each of our camps. One of the directors is uncle to Jordan/Amanda Checkoff, new campers last summer. I had a chance to text with their mom during dinner and I am looking forward to seeing them at NAVE YOGURT in Maple Glen for Canteen on the Fly Philly Style on Sat, 11/16.

But first…it’s Long Island Canteen on the Fly! We hope to see many of you at the CARVEL in Westbury, NY (the Nathan’s Food Court building) from 2 – 3:30 this Monday, 11/11/13 . We will have camp t-shirts with us (brand new design) and of course Ice Cream to eat. So, please do stop on by and feel free to bring a friend along with you to meet all of us.

This weekend we are going to 3 birthday parties! One is Carli’s classmate in school who is turning 2, one is Robin’s childhood friend (who she used to babysit for) who has a son turning 1, and finally my nephew Ben’s 1st birthday! My niece and nephew (Ben and Emily) have come to visit camp each summer and have so much fun up there. You might remember Emily from playing soccer on the pavilion field, to baking cupcakes with Jojo in cooking? Anyway, they love camp as much as we all do and hopefully will spend more time up there this summer, now that they live in Maple Glen, right near me, Robin, and Carli.

Whatever you have planned this weekend, enjoy it! And remember Long Island…see you at Carvel on Monday, 11/11/13!!