Camp Starts This Year!

Happy New Year!  All of us here in the winter office are ready to make 2017 the Best Summer Ever!!  I spent some time during winter break visiting new campers, and they can’t wait to be a part of the activities, fun and spirit that we share each summer!  All of them happen to live in Plainview, NY so I covered a lot of ground in town!


Meet Sofia & Zach! This brother/sister pair loved their tour at Canadensis last summer and decided to come back up and join us for Tour & More Playday!  They each got a great chance to experience the magic at camp and are looking forward to the 7-week experience!

Sofia is a current 4th grader who will be a new Lower Inter Girl at camp this summer.  She often goes by the nickname “Sof”. She’s into tons of different activities, and I had so much fun hanging out with her (and her very cute dog, Maggie!)  Here’s what you need to know about this fun, adventurous and crazy new camper: After school she likes to play with her dog…if she’s not preparing for a show at “Take A Bow”.  She likes to do every activity under the sun, and is thinking about doing dance, swimming, arts and media electives.  She’s excited to help us create the Canadensis Today Show!  Her favorite food is salad and her favorite color is pink.   Her favorite animal is a puppy, and she likes watching the TV show “Henry Danger”!  Her favorite hobby is dance, but in her drama performances she sings, dances and acts.  The first time she ever auditioned, she got the role of Cinderella in Cinderella!  Her favorite type of music is “Hip Hop” and she’ll be choosing Hershey chocolate bars when her bunk goes to the canteen!  She has recently finished reading the book “Wonder” and she loves the movie “Star Wars: Rogue One”.

Zach is a current 7th grader who will be a new Lower Senior at camp this summer.  He’s a huge sports fan, and loves the NY Islanders, as you can see from his shirt in the photo above!  His Bar Mitzvah is happening next weekend, so the whole family is preparing for a really special time together (but I’ve been sworn to keep all the secrets I saw!!).  His favorite sport to play is soccer, and he’s been playing deck hockey since 1st grade.  He recently started playing basketball after trying out and making the middle school team!  He’s into the statistics side of sports as well, maybe we’ll even catch him doing a sports report on the Canadensis Today Show!  He’ll be aiming to get on roller blades before camp so he can join the CHL (Canadensis Hockey League).  That will be convenient since the hockey rink is right on Senior Boys Side!


Meet Maddi!  She is a current 2nd grader who will be a new Lower Junior Girl at camp this summer.  In her house, she often goes by the nickname “Momashea”. She’s got an older brother (see below), a younger sister and two dogs!  Over Thanksgiving she went to the shelter with her family and she was the one who spotted the newest puppy addition!  We hung out during Winter Break at home, but she’s looking forward to an upcoming island vacation with her extended family and cousins – it’s a tradition for them to go most years and we looked through lots of old photos from their trips!  Here’s what you need to know about this funny, creative and kind new camper: After school she loves to do gymnastics.  This summer you’ll definitely see her doing gymnastics electives, along with soccer and art!  Her favorite food is spaghetti and her favorite color is blue!   Her favorite animal is a dog, and she likes watching the TV show “The Simpsons”!  She cheers for the Mets, and will be snacking on Kit Kat Bars anytime she has a chance at the canteen!  Her favorite movies are “Moana” and “Trolls”, and she’s also enjoying listening to the “Moana” music (in addition to “Hamilton”!).  Without a doubt her favorite hobby is gymnastics, but she is also a very talented artist!


Above is a photo of me, Maddi and her older brother Nate.  Nate is a current 5th grader and will be an Upper Inter Boy returning to camp for his second summer!  I didn’t get to do his home visit last year, so I learned so much more about him during my visit.  He’s really into collecting cars/vehicles and he is such a talented artist!  I saw a lot of his works around the house and I’m so impressed, can’t wait to see what he creates at the Canadensis Art Shack this summer!  Right after my visit, he had a sleepover with his bunk mate Hunter, so he had a big Canadensis day!!


Meet Rachel!  She is a current 4th grader who will be a new Lower Inter Girl at camp this summer.  In her house, she often goes by the nickname “Rache”.  She’s an older sister, and she’s following in the footsteps of her parents who both went to sleepaway camp!  Since we hung out during the holiday, she had started a collection of Hanukkah gifts that will come in very handy at camp, including camp necessities like stationery and a camping chair!  Here’s what you need to know about this energetic, tall and unique new camper: After school her favorite activity is singing, acting and dancing in her “Take A Bow” class.  This summer you’ll definitely see her learning to waterski, playing BBK (Basketball, Baseball, Kickball) and doing photography electives!  Her favorite food is pizza (we shared some pizza together for dinner that night!) and her favorite color is purple!   Her favorite animal is a dog, and she likes watching the TV show “Liv & Maddie”!  Since Rachel is good at both acting and sports, she’s a perfect combo of both the Liv & Maddie characters.  Basketball is her favorite sport, and dancing is her favorite hobby.   She likes listening to hip hop music, reading the “Dork Diaries” books, and at the moment her favorite movie is “Star Wars”.


Meet Ava!  She is a current 4th grader who will be a new Lower Inter Girl at camp this summer.  She often goes by the nickname “Aves”. We met up only a few hours after she got back from a trip to Florida – and her family brought me back a surprise gift, mints in a personalized Florida licence plate tin!  Such a handy thing to have around!!  She’s the little sister in her family, but she is the first one to pack her bags for Canadensis!  Here’s what you need to know about this active, funny and nice new camper: After school she likes to have playdates with friends and she also is a competitive soccer player that works on her skills year round.  This summer she’ll be signing up for art shack and climbing wall electives!  Her favorite food is french fries (which we always have on Saturday BBQ night!) and she loves the color gold, so maybe she’ll be on the gold team for Color War?!  Her favorite TV show is “Chopped” and she loved the movie “Trolls”.  She loves Giraffes, and she has a big collection of giraffe stuffed animals in her room…super cute (I love giraffes too, it was my sorority mascot!).  Her favorite hobby is soccer, and she plays on the Warrior Soccer Team.  She loves snacking on gummy bears, listening to the song “I Lived” by One Republic, and her favorite book is “One and Only Ivan”.

Can’t wait to welcome all these new faces to camp!!