Welcome 2017 New Campers!

Meet Cody!
In Syosset, NY I got to hang out with Cody Lefkowitz. He is in 3rd grade and will be an Upper Junior Boy at camp this summer. He is excited to be a camper after seeing brothers Devin and Ryan go to camp for so many years! Cody is adventurous, playful, and loves to play soccer. His favorite food is a chicken parm hero and he also loves chocolate – I even got to enjoy a delicious chocolate chip cookie that Cody baked with his mom! In his free time Cody loves to play sports and play with his Skylanders. At camp, he is excited to play gaga, soccer, and try parkour! I had a lot of fun playing soccer, basketball, and ping pong with him. Welcome, Cody! Here is a photo from the visit:


Meet Nash!
In Maple Glen, PA I got to hang out with Nash Toren. Nash also has two older brothers, Elias and Griffin, who he is excited to join at camp! He is in 1st grade and will be a Lower Junior Boy this summer. Nash is athletic, fun, and a good friend. He also has amazing hand writing (I was so impressed)! After school he likes to play football, or basketball on the awesome court in his backyard. Nash and I found out we have a lot in common: His favorite food is pizza, he loves to play sports, and his favorite TV show is Spongebob Squarepants! At camp, Nash is excited to play basketball and baseball. Welcome, Nash! Here is a photo from the visit:



Meet Brody!  He lives in Philadelphia, PA and is a current 2nd grader who will be a new Lower Junior Boy at camp this summer.  He is a second generation Canadensis camper, both his parents are Camp Canadensis alumni!  He sometimes goes by the nickname “Brod” and the number one thing you need to know about him is that he lives and breathes hockey!  We had a lot of fun hanging out after school, and as soon as he gets home he laces up into roller blades!  Yes…Brody has the coolest parents, and he gets to skate around his house every day, and even manages to get up and down the stairs with them on.  This summer he’s thinking about taking fishing, lego and lots of hockey electives.  His favorite foods are pizza, sushi and mac & cheese, but he’s got a great palate and also likes escargot!  He loves the color orange, partially because he loves everything related to the Philadelphia Flyers!  He’s on a hockey team called the “Mights” and sometimes the Flyers coach even runs his practices! When he’s relaxing after hockey he likes watching “SpongeBob”, “Henry Danger” and “Game Shakers” while snacking on a Reece’s PB Cup.  He’s excited to try new things at camp and might do “pull out” activities like Horseback Riding and Waterskiing.  In school he loves gym, but also loves the art classes.  He’s got a new passion for music after seeing “School of Rock” on Broadway, and might be picking up the drums soon!  Look out for Brody this summer…he’ll be wearing #30 if he’s goalie, or #53 if he’s a player!