CITs 2013: Jordan Rosen!

Grama and J-Ro Love Fruit on the Fly!

Name: Jordan “J-Ro” Rosen

Years at Camp: This will be my 8th summer.

Hobbies When You’re at Home: watching tv, XBOX, playing tennis, running (both horizontally and vertically)

Secret Talent: It’s not really a talent but the skin on my stomach is really stretchy.

Favorite Camp Activity: Cooking is the obvious choice, but I also enjoy the overnights, NBA, the triple dare, and doing the spotlight with Grama.

Funny Camp Memory: On our Cleveland trip, we stopped at a marketplace for lunch. I am a picky eater and there was nothing I liked so I bought a 2-foot baguette to eat and people who didn’t know me thought I was very strange.

Advice for a First Time Camper: Always take advantage of the opportunities camp provides you with. I have tried stuff at camp that I never thought I would have the chance to. For example, I went on my first big rollercoaster as a junior (Steel Force) and last summer I went on one of the biggest in the world (Millenium Force). Also, I never went waterskiing, ziplining, dirt biking, or white water rafting outside of camp. Being open to doing more things leads to more memories being created at camp.

Something You Learned at Camp: how to send and address mail

I never leave for camp without my…fan, because I can’t fall asleep when its hot out, and some nights it can get really hot!

If I could have any job in the world it would be…the owner of a large store like Wal-Mart, because everything I need is free and I would make a ton of money to spend on whatever I could possibly think of.

My favorite place I’ve traveled is…Aruba

One thing my campers will learn about me is…I suck at baseball and there is a good chance that my campers will be better than me.

One fun fact about me is: I do my homework (and this interview) on my bedroom floor. I used to do it in bed, but I would fall asleep in the middle of it.

Mindy, J-Ro, Grama, and the infamous Baguette