Home Visits!

Allow me to introduce you to some awesome new Canadensis campers!  First up is Alexa, a current 3rd grader that will be a Junior Girl this summer.  She lives in Gladwyne, PA and also goes by the nickname Lexi.  Here are some important things you need to know about this fun new camper…

  • She has an adorable rescue puppy named Penny, because she is the color of a penny.
  • She attends The Shipley School, and has the best teacher in the school, Mrs. Riley.
  • Alexa loves Justin Bieber, and had more than 10 pictures of him in her room.  I left the house smelling like Justin Bieber perfume!
  • She has a super fun bedroom now, but if she’s at camp for the full summer she gets to move into a new bigger room with her own bathroom!  Imagine the awesome camp friend sleepover parties she can throw!
  • She is a big sister to Brooke, they are two years apart.  Brooke will be doing the Tour & More Weekend this summer!
  • The best part about being a big sister is getting to stay up later!  Alexa is also an early riser.
  • Alexa thinks she’s going to want to be in the camp show, and she suggested that we do Wicked.
  • She will want to dance every day of the summer, and also will choose gymnastics as an elective.
  • Currently, she takes dance classes three days a week and on Saturday she dances for four hours!  She’s definitely going to want to be on our inter-camp dance team.
  • The name of her year round competition dance team is the “mini-pops”.   She dances with a lot of other Canadensis Girls at Liberty Me, including Kylie, Marissa, Skye, Brooke, Madison and Jenna.
  • Shabbat is a big deal at her house, and a lot of fun!  They invite friends to celebrate each week.
  • When Color War breaks,  she hopes she’ll be on the blue team!  Her mom was a blue team color war captain and did some cheers for us in the dining room!
  • Her favorite color is purple and her favorite candy is “dots”.
  • Her family went on an RV vacation to Niagara Falls, and along the way they jumped into a freezing cold gorge of water – so cool!!
  • She has a super neat and clean room, her parents agreed that she is very organized.
  • She had so many great questions about camp – how do phone calls home work, how do we celebrate stuffed animal birthday parties, and what kind of stuff do staff have to jump in the lake for?
  • She’s already planned out what she wants to wear at crazy night (one of our wild evening activities!)
  • She’s planning to try everything by the end of the summer!
A couple days later I got to hang out with Brooke, who I first met when she came up to tour camp last year, and I got to really know her during Tour & More 2012 (check out her T&M photo above!).  Brooke is a current 4th grader, and will be a Lower Inter Girl at camp this summer.  She lives in Villanova, PA, and here’s just some of what you need to know about this great new camper…
  • She has cut her hair three times for “Locks of Love”, a charity that provides hairpieces for disadvantaged children – so impressive!
  • She loves piggies, and had too many in her room to count!  She taught me a fun song that shows you how a draw pigs really easily by making little circles and bigger circles…you can learn the song here.
  • She has a snow globe collection, and has more than 20!
  • Each week she takes more than seven hours of dance classes.  She can’t decide if hip-hop or modern dance is her favorite.  She knows Alexa (above) from dance, and does competition as well.
  • Brooke is a great eater likes trying all different kinds of things.  Her dad is from my hometown (Hewlett, LI!) and her Grandparents still live there, so we have some of the same favorite restaurants, like Matteos.
  • She’s got some awesome baking skills.  As you can see in the photo above, Brooke made an amazing cookie cake, that she decorated all by herself!!  It was SO awesome, and delicious!  We gobbled it up in the winter office the next day…thanks!!
  • She is a really good big sister to her brother Aidan, but he’s impossible to share a bed with because he takes up the whole bed!
  • She likes to ride her bike, even though she never has enough time.
  • Brooke showed me tons of art project she’s made, like glass fusion trivets, ceramic projects, popsicle sticks bowls, hand soaps, and scented candles that smelled like hot chocolate!  She has an aunt who works at Make Meaning in NYC, and she gets to try tons of fun projects there.  If you are ever looking for something to do in NY, check it out!
  • Brooke has an amazing memory.  She remembers so much about the Tour & More weekend, she already knows the locations of where everything is in camp!
  • She is going to a Maroon5 concert before coming up to camp, and she is going to do a camping trip with her dad to get ready for the COALS overnight at camp this summer.
  • Some of her electives choices will definitely be glass fusion and dance.  The 3rd elective will be a wildcard… maybe something at the lake?
  • She might want to audition for the camp show – she has been in Glee and Grease in the past.
  • Her mom is one of her dance teachers, and her dad is her soccer coach…some of the many activities she is involved with!  Her parents met at Ohio State University, and she has them winning in our Canadensis March Madness NCAA Bracket Challenge, and she’s been high up on the leader board the whole time!
Brooke wore a special Canadensis shirt for my home visit!
Jes is going to be returning to camp for her 2nd summer, she will be in the Lower Inter Girls division.  She lives in Maryland, and recently celebrated her 10th birthday.  She had a “color war” themed party, and the two teams were purple and pink!  In the photo above you can see Jes in the purple shirt in one of the competitions, she had to eat a donut off a dangling rope as fast as possible, just like the carnival game we play at camp.  Looks like tons of fun!