CITs 2013: Allie Ernst

Allie found a ladybug while doing community service on our college tour!

Name: Allie Ernst

Years at Camp: This will be my 8th summer at camp and hopefully the best one yet.

Hobbies When You’re at Home: I play field hockey, volleyball, and softball for Germantown Academy.

Secret Talent: My secret talent is that I’m good at Mah Jongg. Pam taught me how to play during one of the iCan nights and I fell in love ever since. I think what hooked me was that my first game that i played by myself I beat Pam and got to yell MAHJONGG!

Favorite Camp Activity: If I had to chose one it would be leagues! I love all the different sports that we get to play as teams and WNBA is amazing even just being a mascot!

Funny Camp Memory: My birthday is in July so one of the ongoing jokes in my bunk is that we celebrate my birth-week because it’s such a huge celebration! My mom always gets us birthday shirts so that we all match – my bunk actually started that tradition! My favorite birthday celebration was my lower inter summer. It was the first summer with the amphitheater and so my bunk decided to have pizza and cake on the new deck! When it was time for cake the boys in our division came out to sing to me and we had a cake fight! Of course we had to clean up our mess but it was well worth it because that is my favorite birthday memory EVER!

Advice for a First Time Camper: When my little sister was first coming to camp the one thing she was really scared about was that she would be away from our parents for so long. The only thing that  I would tell her was that when you go to camp you make a whole new family. There is always activities for you to do where you can make new friends and will be having so much fun you won’t even have time to miss your parents! The girls in your bunk become your sisters so quickly that there is no way you won’t be wishing camp is 10 months and school just for 2. Trust me!

Something You Learned at Camp: One thing that I learned from camp from a young age was how to live with other people and to make friends with any and everyone! Being away from home and living with a bunch of girls my age also really helped me to come out of my shell because if we had an activity I was afraid of, like the ropes course, instead of being too scared to do something new I had my sisters there to show me how to have fun doing it!

I never leave for camp without my: DUCK TAPE… This may sound weird but its almost what I’m known for. One summer I brought maybe 20 rolls of duck tape and it was by far the most used thing in our bunk. We hung signs during free play, taped posters to the walls, I made wallets for my bunk before one of our trips, I even learned how to make a purse one rainy day. It is one of my favorite things that I bring to camp because you can do so much with it!

If I could have any job in the world it would be: Aunt Terri! OMG I would love to be her if I could. She has the best job ever because absolutely everyone in camp knows who she is and somehow she knows everyone too! When I see her driving around in her pink golf cart all I want to do is go over and give her a huge hug. I can’t even imagine if every kid at camp felt that towards me.

My favorite place I’ve traveled is: I went to Rome and Greece two years ago with my whole family. The history and culture that I got to experience on that trip was epic!

One thing my campers will learn about me is: I’m not afraid to dress up with you guys and get crazy! I don’t get embarrassed easily so I wont be afraid to be weird with you guys. I’m so excited to meet my girls and get to know them and share my camp experiences with them so that I can make theirs even better than mine was!

One fun fact about me is: I’M IN LOVE WITH CAPTAIN AMERICA! I have so much random Captain America and Steve Rogers junk its insane. My phone case, wallet, key-chain on my backpack, and the mug I drink from at breakfast all has him on it. Some people say I might be slightly obsessed with him…