Home Visits!

I’ve been on the road meeting tons of new campers for 2013!!  I can’t wait to introduce you to each of them one by one in the next few months!

Amanda B. is a current 3rd grader who will be an Upper Junior Girl at camp this summer!  The photo above was taken while she was at Tour & More Weekend last summer (our trial overnight program for K-3rd grade) and you can tell from her smile she was about to start a great weekend!

I spent some time with her in Lower Gwynedd, PA and I got to hear about how she stays super busy all year.  Her favorite things to do are soccer,  gymnastics, tennis, basketball, running, biking and soccer (yes, I said soccer twice on purpose!!).  She attends Sunday School on the weekends, and she is about to start doing a lot more running around when her “Girls on the Run” program begins soon and she starts preparing for a 5K race!   She loves animals (including her awesome dog Leo, see a photo below) and she has gotten nature awards and is also a fisherwoman!  (I might have just made that word up)
She likes adventure, and can’t wait to be zip lining this summer.  Since she’s also a snow-skier, I imagine she’ll be water-skiing too!  She told me about some of the arts and crafts projects she is learning at school, including weaving, making dream catchers and creating with recycled art.  She loves duct tape and will be making lots of bracelets this summer for her “camp wrist”.  When she gave me a tour of her room, she even had the Tour & More action figure she had made in A&C last summer!
Amanda hopes to be on the gold team for color war (her hair is already blonde so she doesn’t have to use the hair spraypaint!) and if she’s in your bunk this summer you should ask her for help folding clothes…she loves it…really!!  She also loves Chinese food, but not Mexican food…

…which brings me to her big brother Jeremy, who will be an Upper Inter Boy returning for his 3rd summer at camp.   He’s the opposite of Amanda because he loves Mexican food, but not Chinese food!   I knew he loves Mexican because he had a Taco costume with him his first summer at camp and he found multiple reasons to wear it besides just on Halloween!  It was great to catch up with Jeremy and hear about how his year has been going.  I loved seeing all the camp art projects he had in his room, and we discovered that we both really like geography.  He has a map of the US in his room, but it was actually covered up by a Camp Canadensis poster!!  We also both love New Orleans so we talked about swamp tours and beignets.  It was fun hearing stories about his Bunk 8 camp friends, and relive memories of their “Banana” song and dance performance at All Camp MTV Night.   He has been on the blue team for the past two years, and both teams have gone on to victory, so maybe Amanda will join his perfect record this summer!?The next night, Eric and I went to Churchville, PA to visit another brother/sister pair.  Both of them are starting at Camp Canadensis for the first time in 2013.  They were pumped about the camp t-shirts we brought, and decided to put them on for our photo shoot.  Amanda and Jordan did Tour & More last summer as well, so I’m including their pictures below along with an introduction!Jordan is a current 5th grader, who will be an Upper Inter Boy this summer and he’s really excited for camp…he’s even got his bedding all picked out!  He has so many different interests and that range from performing arts to outdoor adventure!  During our visit, we were treated to performances on both the Alto Saxophone and piano- very impressive!  He’s also on a hip hop dance team, and we can’t wait to see his moves before Morning Line Up everyday.

He is most excited about the climbing wall/high ropes course, the arts center, and cooking. He was really lucky to get to join a bunk at cooking last summer, and he gave us some ideas of new projects and recipes we can try!  For his elective last year, he got to go sailing on the lake, and this year he’s excited to try even more things…including the inflatable water toys.  He’s got a few months to plan out what he wants to do for electives, but I have a feeling that woodworking is going to be a top choice!  In the past few summers, Jordan attended day camp and is excited now to begin the next phase of camping- sleepaway camp!

His sister Amanda is a current 3rd grader, who will be an Upper Junior Girl this summer, and she will definitely be up on stage with Jordan dancing before Morning Line Up each day.  Amanda takes FIVE different dance classes (ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical and tap) so I think we can expect to see her dancing during electives, free play…and probably even as she goes from one activity to the next!  We got to see some of her dance to the “Big Bad Wolf” which she performs in competition.  She gave me a tour of the many books and ceramics pieces she painted in her playroom, and I was glad to know that American Girl and Polly Pockets are still big with campers!  She also showed me her awesome pink bedroom, (but told me her favorite colors were purple and lime green -that’s how I picked the colors for her name above) and she’s got a shelf of trophies from dancing, soccer, softball (even with an injury) and also fishing!

She’s pumped for every activity this summer, and remembers making monkey bread in cooking and rock climbing at Tour & More.   We will definitely see Amanda in gymnastics, she can do splits, handsprings and back walk overs, so the staff will have to teach her some new tricks!  She might even want to try out for the camp show!  She has been on stage in the past as a ladybug and Abraham Lincoln (not at the same time, that would be crazy!).  She likes almost every food except for cheese…but when it’s on pizza it’s her favorite part!  Amanda also told me that she could sleep all day, especially on Sundays if it wasn’t for Hebrew school, so counselors be warned!
Amanda is artistic too!  She made me the Canadensis picture frame above, and now it’s hanging by my desk – thank you!!  She has tons of camp spirit already, she received an airbrushed Camp Canadensis headband and sweatpants gift this winter, and was so excited that she wore it to school the next day.  Amanda is definitely ready to go to camp, and would pack her bags now if she could (and there would be some Hello Kitty gear and a Justin Bieber poster in those bags!!)!Over in Newtown, PA, I got to spend some time with a sister duo that I first met while touring them around Camp Canadensis last year, and I’m so excited for their first summer at camp!Sierra is a current 4th grader, and will be a Lower Inter Girl this summer.  She is multi-talented, and up for anything!  Her dream job one day is to be a fashion designer, and I have no doubt she’ll be picking Fabric Arts as one of her electives so she can start gaining experience.  She is an artist, and loves to draw.  She showed me a perspective homework assignment she was working on where she had to draw a city…it was excellent and it was only a sketch!  I hope she brings some of her artwork to decorate her walls at camp!
When it comes to sports, she’s been playing basketball for two years, and also really likes tennis.  She got very excited to tell me about the dance team she performs with, they travel and are part of shows all over the northeast (and further) and perform at Cherry Blossom festivals and amusement parks.  Sierra likes to stay up late, and could probably be up all night – especially if she has some good camp friends to chat with!  Some of her other talents include playing piano, and violin…and she has been studying French as well!  I wish I could take her to Paris with me next month as a translator, but I can promise she’ll have some French Canadensis Campers to keep her skills sharp with this summer!
Shaina is a current 3rd grader, and will be an Upper Junior Girl this summer.  If she could come on one of my trips with me it would definitely be to London!  Although she also knows how to speak French, she really wants to visit London in part because she loves Moshi Monsters (online pets), and that’s where the international headquarters are!  She is really excited about the outdoors activities at camp, including the COALS Overnight, ropes course and climbing wall.  Shaina also loves gymnastics, foam pits, art and fashion and will probably choose it for her electives.  She’s excited about everything she can try at camp, and enjoys what she does at home.  She even loves Hebrew School…I didn’t make that up!
She’s a self described “techie” and likes making videos – she has made a bunch of them!  I think she’ll definitely want to get involved with the Canadensis Today Show elective, if she can tear herself away from the 4-wheeler quads and water slides!  She loves to go fast, and was telling me about a racing birthday party she had just been to where she outraced some of the guys!
Shaina will be celebrating a birthday of her own at camp this summer, and I can’t wait to sing to her!