December is Full of Friends

There are a million reasons to love December, most of which are somehow related to the excitement of the Holiday Season and the anticipation of taking time away from school or work. Most of you are taking your last tests and quizzes, finishing the last of your homework, and filling your upcoming time off with family and friends. For me, this time of the year will be spent having little reunions with my camp friends, some of whom I haven’t seen since we left camp! Dani Corradetti joined me for a day of shopping last Friday, and we were FINALLY reunited with  Rebecca Waxman! Although I got to see her in Syracuse not too long ago, it was so good to finally be back to our usual routine. The camp friend fun continued into the next day with the arrivial of  Alex Feigin at my house Saturday night!

Alex spends some time with Leo and Bella!

We had family dinner and Alex ate her first Sweet Potato! After dinner I had to prepare LOTS of dough for our holiday cookie baking bonanza, and my mom was working on a puzzle for one of her last holiday airings on QVC. Between the cookies and the puzzles we had a lot of laughs, and then Alex and I spent the rest of the night talking about camp and our new ideas for summer 2011. For those of you who may not know, Alex and I go way back to my first summer at camp, in 2006, when we dominated the field and courts (and rec hall!) on Blue Greased Lightnin’… if you weren’t at camp that year, I bet you’ve at least heard our Alma Mater! Here’s a picture from the 2006 CW break, early in the morning, featuring some familiar faces…

Skurman, Toll, Feigin, Sharir, and Me - SO Young!

Well, now I’ve got to go get ready to interview a staff member for a position at camp! Tis the season for college students to start deciding what they’re going to do over the summer, and that means lots of interviews and college visits for Pam and I. We’ll be heading to Michigan in early February to meet lots of interested students who want to work at Canadensis! To really get the word out, we’ve started a Facebook Ad campaign, so don’t be surprised if you see this show up on your screen:

We're on Facebook!

So very exciting! Speaking of things that are exciting, or get easily excited, I had a long conversation with Lauren Berry as we continue to think of ways for her to move to the US and live here forever. Since we both LOVE sushi, today’s idea was for us to open our own sushi restaurant. I even drew Lauren a pie chart to express my love for sushi, and said I would post a picture of a pie on the blog for her. So I went to Google, typed in “Sushi Pie”, and my life was forever changed:


SO CUTE!!! Whoever came up with this brilliant idea is my new hero! I can’t even imagine eating something so lovable! New idea for summer 2011 – iCan Make Sushi Art? I’ll be working on my skills for the rest of the winter…

Anyways, that’s my rambling blog for the week. I can’t believe the New Year is just around the corner. Summer 2011, here we come!

The final product of a night of sisterly baking!