Visit to camp in the subarctic and Disney World!

Hello Canadensis!

As I sit in my home office, the heat is turned up to 70 degrees and Robin is sitting across from me doing some work on her laptop as well. Why does it have to be SO cold? I went up to camp this past Tuesday with Matt Unger and it was FREEZING. Stepping out of the car in front of the office was cold, but when I went down to the lake and stood on the amphitheatre, with the wind howling across FROZEN LAKE LENAPE, that was the definition of COLD! I even braved the elements (for just a few minutes) so that I could film a Canadensis Today for all of you to see a small glimpse of camp in the wintertime.

Camp looks so different this time of year. Of course we are missing the campers and staff. There was a light dusting of snow in most places and ice patches in other. Lake Lenape looks more like an ice skating rink than a place to waterski! The trees are officially bare and there are leaves and branches all over the place. A windy fall means branches falling everywhere. It’s a big cleanup job in the spring for our precamp staff.

Back in the winter office, Matt and I attended an auction at a local school that is shutting down. We were able to buy a few things for our kitchen that are in awesome shape (a stainless steel prep table to name one) which will look great in our kitchen. We are also buying a new ice machine and other “goodies” for our dining hall over the next several weeks.

Last night, I enjoyed dinner at the Garfinkle’s house. Jake and Ryan Garfinkle will be enjoying their first summer at Canadensis in 2011 and are really excited for all that camp has to offer. Their mom made a delicious traditional Chanukah dinner (complete with latkes of course) because I was originally supposed to visit them over Chanukah, but had to delay the visit. It was an AWESOME dinner. To top it off, the boys made their favorite dessert, which is chocolate fondue. They also made smores in the microwave using the fondue chocolate. Amazing idea. Finally, they showed me their new Kinect, which is cool. They did a track and field event and the score was so close after 6 events…looked awfully tiring from the chair I was SITTING in! Thanks guys for a great evening and I look forward to seeing you both at the new camper bowling.

For all of our campers and staff from Summer 2010, don’t forget about our upcoming REUNION! All of the details will be posted on the blog soon, but it’s on Sunday, Jan 9th from 11AM – 12:30PM at Jeepers in Elizabeth, NJ. Hope to see you there.

The flights are all booked for DISNEY WORLD for the 2011 CIT’s! And speaking of Disney World (I know, what a transition), Robin and I are headed to Florida for the next 2 weeks! Next week we will be in Orlando spending some time at the Disney Parks/Universal Parks and hopefully get a chance to see the new Harry Potter World. We will be going with my niece Emily, my brother/sister-in-law, and my mom. Should be a blast for the newly-expanded Forti to have a chance to be on vacation together, away from the daily stresses and pressures. Following our week in Disney, we will be going to Boynton Beach, FL to spend some time with Robin’s parents.  We are both looking forward to seeing them and spending time in (hopefully) warmer weather. After these relaxing 2 weeks, I begin traveling 2 weeks a month for the next few months and Robin might miss me a little, or so she says:)

Robin and I wish everyone a very enjoyable and relaxing winter break and a very Happy and Health New Year. I am sure Jcal has some exciting things to post on the blog over the next few weeks, so make sure you stay tuned for updates!