Dreams Be Dreams

Hello Canadensis!

I had one of those dreams last night that you think are so real only to wake up and you realize it was only a dream.  But, we were all back at camp on the amphitheater deck enjoying a Coffee House with campers and counselors performing.  Everyone was there!  When I woke up, I was kind of depressed that it wasn’t real.  Oh well.  Someone reminded me today that there are only 254 more days until camp.  Sounds like a long ways away, but I guess it is better than being 255 days away.

This week, I got to meet up with some Canadensis staff.  On Monday night, Brian Stern and I had dinner together at Pal’s Cabin in West Orange, NJ.  I always like getting together with Stern as he loves camp so much.  Next summer will be his 20th summer at Canadensis!  He shared with me some really good ideas that I think we can certainly but into effect next summer.  Brian is back at Montclair Kimberly Academy teaching middle school science and math.  He said his classes are going really well.  He also wanted to say hello to everyone in Canadensis cyberspace.

On Wednesday morning, I met Terri Konst for coffee and to talk about this summer’s evening activities and special events, a favorite topic of mine to talk about.  From the surveys, it looked like there were a number of favorites from the campers as well.  This information will certainly help us put together the events calendar for Summer 2010.  If you haven’t completed the survey yet, you can do so at:  http://tinyurl.com/canadensis.  Some campers and staff suggested that we do a Halloween day next summer.   I think that is a really good idea!  So, everyone should save their Halloween costumes this year so they can bring them to camp next year.  Let me know if you like that idea, too in the “Comments” section of this blog.  Terri also mentioned that her son and camper Sam is doing really well in the fourth grade, although he can’t wait to get back to camp.

When I was down in the Plymouth Meeting office on Tuesday, former Canadensis camper and now parent of a Canadensis camper Rob Novey stopped by the office.  Rob, whose daughter Jesse just finished her second summer, came in to say hello to myself and Terri.  It was great to see you, Rob, who let us know that Jesse has been busy with her dance classes.

Spoke with Senior Boys Head Counselor Ken Ricken last night.  Ken, Audrey, Dan and Greg are all doing well.  Ken was also at that Bruce Springsteen show last week.  The tickets were a birthday present for Greg and Dan surprised Greg by coming in from college to see the concert.  Very cool.  Ken said that all is well with him as he is back to teaching middle school social studies.  In fact, he mentioned that he has two Canadensis campers in his class…Bari Cohen and Caitlin Willner.  I thought that was very funny.  I guess they will have to call him Mr. Ricken until they get back to camp next summer.  Ha Ha!

We have been hearing from a lot of staff over the past few weeks, too.  Some have also let us know that they are already planning on returning next summer.  I will divulge some of these names in an upcoming blog.  After all, I need to create some suspense if you are going to come back and read this blog.

I will be back tomorrow for some more blogging.  For now, we can have a sing down to keep us all busy.  Since I used, “Dreams Be Dreams,” a Jack Johnson song for this blog subject, the topic is…How many songs can you think of that have the word “dream” in it.

Until then…Have a great day…Brian