Guest Blogging: Robin Hasson

Hey Canadensis!  I am so excited to be blogging here and I want to say thanks to JCal and Eric for allowing me to do this!  While Eric is away on vacation this week (lucky!), I am sweltering in South Florida with the 92 degree heat!  We are supposed to have a cool down this weekend, though, to about 83 degrees– brrr!!

So, I left camp the day after the campers left, and started setting up my classroom the very next day!  In fact, my first graders and I have already been in school for 36 days!   Oy!  Julie, from the office, teaches Kindergarten at my school, so I’m lucky that I get to see her every day.  She also lives right down the street from me, so we get together outside of school too (dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, going to the movies, etc.)!  We also had a chance to see Eric R., from the pools, recently.  He’s doing great, teaching middle school Language Arts and keeping busy!  We all talked about how much we missed camp and how we can’t wait to see everyone next summer!

Some of my students have Hannah Montana backpacks and others have Jonas Brothers lunch boxes and these remind me of all of you at camp.  This morning, one of my students walked in singing the Black Eyed Peas song “I Gotta Feeling”.   I started singing along with her and she said, “Ms. Hasson, how do you know this song?”  I told her it was one of our favorite songs at camp this summer and that it was played at every dance!  Ah…reminders of camp every day!!

Well, that’s about it.  I’m picking Eric up from the Port of Miami on Sunday after his cruise and then sending him back to cold Philadelphia on Monday morning so he can work a little.  I’m looking forward to seeing a bunch of people at various Bat Mitzvahs in Philly in November and then I’ll see everyone at the reunion in January – I’m so excited!  Be well and study hard (sorry, it’s the teacher in me!) and I’ll see you soon!

Julie and Robin

Julie and Robin