Everyone Loves a Snow Day!

Gooooood Morning Canadensisssss! (In the style of Will Armon)

So most of you are probably sitting at home today, celebrating a day off of school! The roads where I live are covered in snow, so I’ve set up a little office at my kitchen table and I’ll be making calls and talking to staff all while in my pajamas! 

So earlier this month my little sister had an AMAZING Sweet 16 party, and since then we’ve been sitting around in anticipation of getting the pictures and video back. We hired the same photographer who did MY sweet 16, and so far some of the shots we’ve gotten in emails look amazing! I did a lot of the planning and design, one of my (many) secret ambitions is to be an event planner, so it was really fun to get to do this party. Camp celebrity Jason Calabretta came in from New York to video the night, and camp friends Rebecca Waxman, Jess Cook, Danielle Faden, and Rebecca Jacobson also made their way to the party! 


Dani, Danielle, Becky, Me, Rebecca, and Jess!

Dani, Danielle, Becky, Me, Rebecca, and Jess!


Anyways, so now I’ve got to get back to hiring fabulous counselors. I have met so many great applicants, and I am really excited to go on a two week road trip to meet even MORE potential staff! Rest assured Canadensis, your counselors are going to be the greatest ever!

Question of the Day: I am still using my ancient iPod mini (remember when they came out?) and after many years of work my musical friend has stopped charging the battery. So I want your opinion: What great little music player do you use? Why do you love it? Tell me all about it!


Video Clip of the Week: