Where in the World is Eric Forti-Day 1

Clue 2: Click here for Clue 2 & see where Eric is!

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Clue 2: In camp when you go to the canteen, some nights you are given a sugared, carbonated beverage. There are two major companies that make these drinks. One of these companies has their headquarters in this major US city.

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I hate the weather. Sunday night after the reunion I was watching the news on NBC and they are predicting a snowstorm Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Great, I thought. My flight was at 5:40AM on Wednesday morning, UH OH! I called the airlines Monday morning and after 4 calls, they switched my flight to Tuesday, in order to get me out before the “storm” hits. Now of course it won’t end up snowing, but had I stayed in the area, I am sure it would have been a problem.

So Monday was full of trying to get EVERYTHING done in one day. I had to run payroll for the next few weeks, since I will be away and can’t exactly do it from overseas, pay the camp bills, check in with our maintenance team up at camp, and all the other little things that always just seem to creep up. I left the office early to go to NJ and visit with a camp alumni and her son. It was great getting to see them! I then came back to the office at 10:00 PM to truly finish up until 11:00 PM and then went home.

Now of course I was busy all weekend with our winter staff meeting/reunion and so I hadn’t started packing yet and was leaving the next morning for three weeks away! AAAHHHH. I packed until about 2:00 AM, watched 24 on TV, and then finally went to bed.

It is now Tuesday morning and I am headed to my first destination in a few hours. The video clue is up on the web now for you to guess where I am headed to! I will check in soon…

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