Fall Days

Hello Canadensis…

Yes.  I know.  I have been delinquent of my blogging responsibilities.  But, I am now back “in the swing of things” and promise to be blogging regularly to all of you out there in Canadensis CyberWorld.  I will also give Jason “J.Cal” Calabretta a lot of credit for lighting the fire to get me to blog again.  This blog is for you, J.Cal!

Speaking of J.Cal, I hope all of you are enjoying the first Canadensis Courier since camp ended.  What a great summer we had, celebrating the 70th Summer of Camp!  So many great memories that will stay with us for a lifetime.

I was actually up at camp a few weeks ago.  By the way, the fall foliage in the Poconos was just breathtaking!  The drive up Upper Seese Hill Road alone looked like a movie!  I went to camp to check out some of the work that is going on up at camp.  Yes, that’s right.  Already some projects in the works for Summer 2011.  We will keep you posted as the year goes on.

Here’s a shot of Lake Lenape in the fall with all of the leaves changing colors.  Just awesome…

Lake Lenape in the Fall.

I have already gotten a chance to see some campers and camp families over the past few weeks, some even by complete accident.  Got to see new camper Harrison Keim and his father Dan at our Giants tailgate.  Harrison and I got to throw the football around in the L12 Parking Lot before a Giants victory.  A few weeks later, Dylan Carruba and his parents, Kristy and Rich, stopped by the Big Blue festivities to eat and throw the ‘ol pigskin around.  We had a lot of fun.  Mom even got a picture of us.  Here it is…

Me and 2011 Lower Inter Dylan Carruba in the New Meadowlands Stadium Parking Lot before a Giants win!

By the way, it’s exciting to start hearing the talk of an all New Jersey Super Bowl, as the Giants and Jets are off to great starts!

A few weeks ago, I bumped into 2011 Upper Inter Oliver Shaw and his sister Avery, who will also be coming to camp next summer as part of our Junior Girls Division.  They were with dad Jonathan, grabbing some dinner at Hog Wild Barbecue, a new restaurant that opened up in Caldwell, NJ.  By the way, if you like BBQ food, I highly recommend it.  As soon as Oliver saw me, I was greeted with a great big hug and it made my night!  He let me know that he recently enrolled in the School of Rock and has been practicing Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”  Awesome stuff!  If you remember, Oliver got a standing ovation at this summer’s Lower Camp Talent Show, to which he also treated the camp with an encore of “Hotel California.”

My home visits meeting new camp families have also started.  Got a chance to go to Short Hills, NJ to meet Jake and Ryan Garfinkle.  Jake is in 4th Grade and will be a Lower Inter next summer and Ryan is in 2nd Grade and will be a Junior.  In the fall, winter and spring months, Jake is busy attending his Science and Mysteries classes after school, plays the piano, violin and recorder and is part of his school’s Math Olympiad.  Ryan plays midfield on his travel soccer team, the Millburn Rangers, plays the guitar and enjoys building Legos.  Both also enjoy family ski trips to Hunter Mountain and Stratton, VT.  In Summer 2011, Jake can’t wait to try glass fusion, archery and waterskiing and is excited to be apart of camp’s Color War.  Ryan is looking forward to glass fusion, fishing, archery and soccer.  Here is a picture from my visit…

Me with Jake (left) and Ryan (right) Garfinkle.

Being a bit silly, too!

So, as they say, I am officially off the schneid.  My first new blog of the offseason.  I am now promising to keep this updated for all of you!

All the best…Brian