I think Halloween is better at camp!

It’s just my humble opinion, but the Halloween Evening Activity that we did at camp this summer was the best Halloween I’ve ever had!  I don’t think anything would top it, and even though I’m excited for the celebrations this upcoming weekend, I’ll be thinking about our time at camp.  The campers all made such creative costumes – my favorite is the Junior boys who dressed up as our mascot, the Camp Canadensis Indian Head!

The whole event was planned by our fabulous Evening Activities crew of Terri and Rachel.  The night consisted of ‘trick or treating’ around the bunks, going on a costume parade and it ended with playing the game show “Let’s Make A Deal”!  It was a great night, and definitely something we’ll be doing at camp for years to come.  Here is a picture of me with Rachel.  She is dressed at the “Princess of Canadensis” and I’m dressed as a blue M&M.  Annie (my dog) is on my lap, and she was dressed up as a duck!

Top 5 Reasons Camp Canadensis Halloween is better than “real” Halloween!

#5:  Everyone gets full sized candy bars from the canteen!

#4: The Canadensis Today Show had an “orange carpet“!

#3:  It’s warm in the summer, so you don’t have to wear a jacket over your costume!

#2: Everyone is dressed up, not only the kids!

#1:  You get to be with your camp friends!