Forti update from camp

Gorgeous Saturday! Finally a break in the weather and these next few days should be absolutely beautiful. I think its close to 80 degrees out today (Saturday) so we are taking full advantage of the nice weather and doing as many outside jobs as possible. The term “we” right now include myself, Matt Unger, Tom (our caretaker), Val (she worked in woodshop), and Jimmy (our builder).

Yesterday Tom dug up a cracked water pipe coming out of the lake going into some of the lower boys cabins. You will be happy to know if you are a Lower Inter/Upper Inter boy, your water this summer will be coming through brand-new 2″ water piping as we dug up the entire old pipe near the kayak shed, past the gaga court, to the cabin closest to the gaga court. It was a big project, but all went well and now it’s all done and the water pressure is incredible! We also drained the girls pool entirely (all the water from the winter) in preparation for Saturday’s work!

Today we started bright and early as we had a full day ahead of us. Matt and I (see video below) entered the girls pool (it was dry now!) to completely clean it up. This meant scooping out all of the leaves, pine needles, and pine cones that accumulated at the base all last fall/winter to get it ready. We spent a few hours doing that, while Tom powerwashed it clean!

Tomorrow the pool company will be in as we need to be in compliance with a new safety regulation that was recently enacted involving the suction from the pool drains. Unfortunately, nationwide there had been many deaths over the years of kids arms or legs getting stuck in these drains. Of course we had been aware of this and had done whatever we could to make sure we kept our drains well covered so this wouldn’t happen at camp. Well now there is a new federal law called the Virginia Graham Baker Pool Safety Act which ensures this would never happen again. It’s a great act so that we can make sure we are as safe as could be. Our pool company will be in to install a new drainage system.

On Monday, the girls pool will be painted and if all goes well after a few days of drying, we will fill the pool!

Enjoy the video as Matt and I head out to dinner in the Poconos!

Cleaning out the girls pool video