Trading Places- Jaycal arrives in Israel

Hey Everyone,

Last night I finally arrived in Israel after flying in from Poland. The flight we took was the most interesting flight I’ve ever taken. For starters, it was filled with only teenagers participating in the March. It was kids from the US, Canada and Brazil. The Brazilian kids were very LOUD from the second we took off until we landed at 4am in Israel. They were dancing and singing in the isles while we all tried to get some sleep, which none of us did. We all tried to get them to sit down, they just didn’t listen. The flight attendants even threatened not giving us dinner because of how chaos the plane was. Finally about 20 mins before we were about to land and they started to be quiet. BUT, the second we landed the noise started up again and we were on the move.

We left the airport around 5am and headed to our first destination which was a tree reserve. We each planted our own trees in the forest. The view from where we were was incredible. You looked out onto open farm land across the mountains. It was really something incredible. After we planted our trees we headed to Jerusalem where our hostel is located. We checked in and had a hot breakfast! (This being the first good breakfast in a week) After breakfast we had most of the afternoon free to relax because we were so tired. My trip leader though decided it would be nice to take a few of us out of the hostel and go visit the local market where we’d be spending Saturday night. There were so many shops and food stands. We then went back to the hostel and had lunch. After lunch we changed into our Shabbat clothes and headed to the Western Wall.

The Western Wall was incredible. There were so many people there for Friday Night services. The wall was massive, much bigger than I thought it was. I prayed with my group and then we returned back to our hostel for Shabbat Dinner. Our first day in Israel was incredible, and there’s still so much more to see in the upcoming days!