Goodbye, Plymouth Meeting!

Well, today was the last full day in the winter office! Tomorrow we’ll come in, finish up as much computer work as possibly, and then start getting all of our office boxes ready to be picked up by Eric Forti and the PreCamp Staff. Once the computers are off and the files are packed, we won’t see them again until Monday morning, when we OFFICIALLY OPEN THE CAMP CANADENSIS SUMMER OFFICE!!! Yes, you all know what this means… next month counselors will begin driving down the camp road, followed a week later by ALL OF YOU!!! I honestly can’t believe this day has finally arrived… I should probably start packing, right?

Today I got to have lunch with Rebecca Waxman, and we chatted about her community study project and how excited she is to go off to Syracuse next year! This blog is going to be VERY different without Rebecca around to be featured in most of my dinner blogs, but I’m looking forward to getting to spend the summer with her, and with ALL of my favorite camp friends who will be going off (or back) to school in the fall.

Well, it’s the end of the day here in the winter office, and I’ve got TONS of work to do around my house before I can leave for camp this weekend. As always, I’ll get it all done in time, but I know you all know the craziness that is preparing to leave for camp. Just imagine packing for May – September at camp! CRAZY! I promise to take lots of pictures and keep you updated on all the silly precamp happenings.

Well, that’s all for now. Next time I’ll be blogging from Canadensis!