Happy Mother’s Day Part 2

Hi to all and sorry for the delay in blog postings. I am up to camp (well sorta) as the past week and coming week I am going back and forth between camp and Philadelphia. I have been busy moving out of my Philadelphia home and putting stuff into storage so that my renters can move in.

This past weekend I celebrated Mother’s Day with my entire family (my new niece who is adorable!) as well as Robin and her family. We all had a great time and in true Forti spirit, my mom put on a nice brunch this morning for our extended family. Of course I offered my help, but my mom did most of the work as usual and we all had a really fun time. I hope that everyone remembered Mother’s Day and said thank you to their moms for all they do for us “kids”. My mom is an amazing mom and although I know I don’t always show my appreciation to her, she truly is a very caring and loving person. So, make sure you say something nice to yours!

In camp news, it’s freezing. Actually, it literally is freezing up at camp! Unger reported seeing snow flurries this morning and our poor Australian/Kiwi staff are shivering all day. Wasn’t it nice of Justin Winch and Unger to postpone the cleaning roof gutters job around camp due to the high winds on the roofs! Last night camp lost power for about 6 hours also due to the high winds. Fortunately, no trees down to report around camp, but many fell out on the public roads and so our power company had to come out last night and fix the down lines. We hosted our semi-annual Special Olympics weekend (if you recall we donate camp to them twice a year) and so their talent show was moved from the Rec Hall to the dining hall due to the power outage. Our dining hall has a backup generator powering all of our refrigerators, freezers, lights, ovens, etc. ensuring we can keep our food and be able to cook it!

Reminds me of my freshman year at camp (Summer 1993 I believe?). The power went out on the last day of camp and our slideshow/video presentation, which we still do on the last night, had to be shown in the Rec Hall using a portable generator! Craziness. One other time that we lost power, we drove around on pickup trucks with ice cream around camp because our canteen ice cream freezers are not hooked up to a generator! So, the reward for us campers was free ice cream. Ah, the small things in life, but see how I remember that from almost 20 years ago.

Well I better get going and finish up my work as it’s Sunday night and I think I am entitled to some TV catch up?! Hope everyone is doing well and don’t forget, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

My adorable niece, Emily Forti!

My adorable niece, Emily Forti!

Also, if you haven’t heard we have extended the ANCHOR FOR TODAY deadline to May 19th. For more information about Anchor for Today please click here.

Have a great day!