Group Leaders 2010

We are thrilled to have assembled another talented team of Group Leaders for Summer 2010! As spirit leaders for campers and role models for staff, our Group Leaders set the tone for a fun and unforgettable summer for our campers. Back for her TENTH summer and 2nd as JUNIOR GIRLS group leader is RICKI KAHN. Ricki can’t wait to get back to her summer home and “meet my new munchkins!” Parents can expect Ricki to show their children what a magical and amazing second home camp is and they can expect that their children will be “sun-tan lotion and bug sprayed everyday!” Ricki plans to face her fear this summer and try the rock wall. “I will be the shoulder to cry on if they’re upset or a familiar smile they experience the joys of camp,” says Ricki. SARA GOODISON can’t wait to get back to Canadensis as our LOWER INTER GIRLS group leader! “This summer, I am most looking forward to getting to know the wonderful lower inter girls and ensuring that they have the best summer possible.” Sara can’t wait to teach the lower inter girls endless camp cheers that she’s learned over her past 10 years at camp. Sara plans on “having everyone of my camper’s leave with more life long camp friends than they came with and for them to have created a special place in their hearts for their summer home.” UPPER INTER GIRLS group leader, SARAH SMALLEY can’t wait to get back to Canadensis. “Canadensis is full of talented campers and I can’t wait to climb, swim, and cook with everyone!” she says. “Whether they’re jumping in the pool for a swim lesson, or making monkey bread, I’ll be right there with them.” Sarah plans to fully immerse herself in the world of Canadensis. “While I already know many Upper Inters, I look forward to building a relationship with every camper. I want my camper to be role-models for younger divisions.” Returning to the 18325 for her 4th year is FRESHMAN GIRLS Group Leader, KENZIE GAUTHIER. Kenzie plans on having, “lots of high, positive energy and camp spirit. I encourage my campers to try new things and take advantage of all that camp has to offer them so that they make the most of their 7 weeks.” Kenzie also plans to bring back “SPIRIT WEEK,” which she plans on making bigger and better and “will hopefully involve all of girl’s camp so the boys better watch out!” LAUREN BERRY is back for her 2nd summer at Canadensis and first as LOWER SENIOR GIRLS group leader. “I am looking forward to the buses rolling in, the kids getting off and the MAGICAL SUMMER of ’10 to begin! I can’t wait to see all the campers and staff and to share the memories of the summer with them,” says Lauren.  Campers can expect “TONSSSS” of energy and excitement about camp and anything to do with camp from Lauren. “I am here for the, to help them and listen to any concerns they have throughout our time here.” “I am really looking forward to the trip to Boston,” says UPPER SENIOR GIRLS group leader, ELANA SHARIR. “Honestly, I am really looking forward to a good summer with Upper Seniors ’10! My main goals are to have a great summer Upper Seniors ’10!” Parents should know that their kids having fun is just as important to Elana as tem being safe here at camp. Returning to Canadensis for her 4th summer is SUPER SENIORS/CIT GIRLS GROUP LEADER PHEOBE GURR. “I’m looking forward to getting to try each and every activity at camp! I want to help the supers and CITS spread their enthusiasm and passion right throughout camp in the most creative ways possible.” Phoebe brings 4 years worth of Canadensis experience and “am willing to keep learning new and exciting things every day!” Phoebe has been up at camp since May working pre-camp and can’t wait for everyone to arrive in just a few weeks. Back for his second summer is our Junior Boys group leader, TONY DAVIS. “I will use my logic and reasoning to ensure that their kids have a wonderful and memorable, but overall safe, summer!” Tony. “I’m most looking forward do a different group of kids and a different set of challenges.” Tony can’t wait for Summer 2010 and have an ever better “summer than I had in 2009, (which was amazing).” Returning for his 5th summer is LOWER INTER BOYS group leader, MARSHALL WEINSTEIN. “I am most looking forward to seeing all my camp friends, my old campers and having the best summer possible with the Lower Inter Boys,” says Marshall. Everyone can expect open and honest communication to any questions and concerns they have throughout the summer. Marshall’s main goals, “for campers to have a safe and amazing summer. I want campers to leave summer 2010 feeling like they had the best summer ever and they got everything out of it that they possibly could.” In addition to Marshall’s responsibilities as Group Leader he will also serve as Co-Athletic Director. MIKE LINDQUIST can’t wait to return to lower camp as UPPER INTER BOYS group leader. Campers and parents can expect Mike to put “110% into camp this summer, I will do everything to make sure every camper in my division and in camp has an incredible summer.” Mike’s main goal for the summer is to know the name of every boy camper and at least half the names of girls’ camp by the end of the summer. In addition to Mike’s responsibilities as Group Leader he will also serve as Co-Athletic Director. Returning for his 10th summer is FRESHMAN BOYS group leader PETE SKURMAN. “I’m excited to lead the freshman boys, I know they’re going to have an awesome summer.” says Pete. Pete is no stranger to Canadensis having started here as a camper back in 1999. “Everyone in the division is going to have a great time, whether it’s their first summer or their fifth.” Back for his 3rd summer and serving double duty as our LOWER SENIOR and UPPER SENIOR BOYS group leader this summer is LEVI SMATHERS. “My favorite thing about working at Canadensis is forming and fostering relationships that will hopefully last a lifetime,” says Levi. With the Lower Seniors crossing the bridge, Levi hopes to show them the dos and don’ts of living as a senior. “There is a lot more freedom and I like to think I can help guide them in this maturation process.” As for the Upper Seniors, “luckily I get to work with them for the 2nd straight year and we can continue to get to know each other and try and top the fun we had last summer.” CHRIS PARNO is headed back to the 18325 for his 2nd summer and first as SUPER SENIOR/CIT BOYS group leader. “I promise to all my campers that we are going to rock out this summer and have the best summer of our lives!” Chris is so “pumped” for his first year of being a group leader and working with the great campers in the Super/CIT division. “My goals are to further enhance the bonds I’ve made with counselors and campers and Camp Canadensis, and continue making a fool out of myself at evening activities!”