Leadership Weekend

Sorry for the lack of updates the past week. It has been a whirlwind week! We said goodbye to the last of our precamp groups. Precamp was a huge success and I can’t thank the precamp staff enough for a wonderful job. They worked so hard, especially with the rain and cold weather.

This weekend is our leadership weekend. All of our activity directors and groupleaders joined us for a fun-filled orientation weekend. What an energizing group of people and it’s awesome to see their spirit and excitement for Summer 2009. Tomorrow morning we welcome the rest of our counselors and support staff for our 1 week orientation until opening day! We can’t wait.

Just to let you know, a new episode of Canadensis Today can be found at http://www.canadensis.com, click on media room, videos, 2009 video clips, Canadensis Today. I hope you will all tune in!