Guest Blogging: Alex Ehrenthal

Hey everyone! If you don’t already know me, my name is Alex Ehrenthal . Last summer  was my 4th summer at Canadensis and I was a Super Senior in girls bunk 20! FIRST OFF, I miss camp SO much! It’s sad looking back on the summer, and seeing how each and every day flew by! Summer 2009 left me with more than enough memories to get through the year! It was definitely the best summer yet and I’ve already started counting down the days until Summer 2010 (Shout out to all my CITS 2010!)

I’ve been in school for about a month now, and not one day passes by where I don’t miss being at camp! Sophomore year is a challenge and has hit me with lots of work L ! I’m playing tennis for my high school team and I love it! This past weekend, the girls from my bunk (G20) slept over! It was great catching up with my best friends in the entire world, and reminiscing on summer 2009. I think it’s safe to say, we all had an incredible summer!

In summer 2010, I am looking forward to all the great evening activities, special events like carnival, the amazing race, and especially COLOR WAR!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in January and next summer! Feel free to email me anytime at

Girls Bunk 20 and David Ehrenthal out for Hibachi Dinner

Girls Bunk 20 and David Ehrenthal out for Hibachi Dinner