If It Makes You Happy

Hello Canadensis!

Happy Columbus Day!  I’m sure all those that have the day off are making good use of it.

The weekend was once again a really fun one for me.  Got to see Bruce Springsteen (yes, again) at Giants Stadium.  This was the absolute last concert ever to be played at Giants Stadium.  Coming into the show, there were many rumors of special guests and even word that the curfew of the show had been extended.  However, in the end, it just ended being a regular show, not that it was a bad thing, just that I was expecting more for the last concert at Giants Stadium.  We had a great time anyway.

On Saturday, I ended up watching a whole lot of college football.  There were a lot of great games on and I found myself being a remote control maven throughout the day flipping from one game to the next.  Every Saturday, when I look at the scores scrolling across the bottom of the screen, I always think of the counselors who attend each of these schools.  I find myself saying, “Oh good.  Mike Lindquist and Alyssa Thibodeau got a win today with the University of Oregon.”  Or, “Sorry, Sara Goodison, it wasn’t Northwestern’s day today.”  It’s kind of funny.  Usually for my school (Syracuse University), it’s been pretty bleak the past few years as our football team is not very good.  Getting better, but still pretty bad.  Speaking of Syracuse, I got a great e-mail from Rachel Dender, who let me know she is loving her freshman year there!

Sunday was, of course, GAMEDAY!  After three weeks on the road, the Giants had a game at home.  Of course, that means a huge tailgate!  This week, the menu was terrific.  To start, we had cinnamon and raisin French toast with bacon.  There was also bagels, lox and cream cheese.  Then, we moved onto the next courses, which included lobster in a butter, rum and lemon sauce (absolutely delicious), chili and lamb chops.  Then, we also had beef and turkey sliders which were really good.  There was the grilled pineapple, a tradition of our tailgate, as well.  For dessert, we had a Giants victory over the Raiders, annihilating them 44-7.  Ha Ha!  During the tailgate, camper Max Vorcheimer and his dad Stu stopped by to see what everything was about.  Thanks for stopping by guys.  It was great to see you!

I am having dinner with Brian Stern tonight.  Should be fun.  I’ll let you know all about it tomorrow.  I am heading down to the Plymouth Meeting office as well.  I’ll blog about that tomorrow.

Until then…have a Happy Columbus Day…Brian