Guest Blogging: Karen Sharir

Hi all!

While Eric is with his wife in her old stomping grounds of Florida, he asked me to write a bit on the blog about my life since camp ended. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Karen Sharir, and I’m the Assistant Girls’ Head Counselor for Lower Camp (Here’s my chance for a special shout out to the junior through freshmen girls! Hi and miss you!).

So after camp, I went home to visit Imma v Abba (my mom and dad) in Lancaster, PA and then jumped into my car and headed to the West Coast. After five days in the car, I arrived in Ashland, Oregon, which is where I live now. It’s a beautiful, valley town set at the meeting point of the Siskiyou and Cascade Mountain ranges of Southern Oregon. Such a beautiful setting makes hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, camping, bike riding, running, and other outdoor activities really popular. So even though it’s a bit cold at 36° F today, I’ve been told that this valley will remain warm enough for me to go for hikes and runs all winter long, which is a little different from downtown Philadelphia, where I lived last year.

Living here, I’ve had a couple of camp visitors including Shawn Bolton, Zack Davis, Levi Smathers, Lauren Berry, and old camp friends who’ve been away for a while like Luke Wenker and Steven Scott. It’s been great being out here to host and visit people from our summer home. I went down to see Alyssa Thibodeau and Mike Lindquist in San Francisco and was able to visit the Redwoods of Northern California. It was such a beautiful sight to see those old giants that have been around way longer than me and contribute so much to our world. A slight part of me, though, wished to be amongst the trees and the lake of Canadensis. We don’t realize how lucky we are to spend over seven weeks in such a beautiful setting at camp. I know when I return this summer, I’ll take a moment to appreciate the landscape of Canadensis.

Speaking of camp, I’ll be seeing you all in New Jersey in just a couple of days. I am really excited to catch up with everyone at the reunion and hear how all of your lives are going. It should be a lot of fun.

Until then, happy holidays to everyone. Enjoy the break from school and see you soon!