Guest Blogging: Mike Lindquist

Hello world of Canadensis!

Seasons greetings from beautiful California, and what I mean by beautiful, I mean rain.  But rainy is good, because rain makes snow (and Corn, shout out to Boys Bunk 10) and snow allows me to ski, and work!

So how is life you ask? Amazing!  I am currently waiting for January to begin my teaching credential program at Norte Dame de Namur University and in the mean time I am speading my time either with my lovely fiance, Senior Girls Assistant Head Counselor Alyssa Thibodeau, or working at 2 of my jobs.  The first job is a part time job at a outdoor retail store and the second is coaching a JV team basketball team at Crystal Springs Uplands School.  At work, my job in selling skis and ski related equipment and also doing rentals.  So when it snows, business is good, and when business is good, Mike gets lots of hours, which allows me to suprise Alyssa with random dates!

Secondly, my JV team at CSUS has been more fun than anything else.  The players are great and reminds me of camp.  The has gotten off to a rough couple of games but a win before the winter break will give us some momentum before league play starts in January.

But most importantly I have been watching alot of sports.  Not because I have tons of time on my hands, but I am a life long fan of a certain San Francisco Baseball team, and also my Oregon Duck Football team who will be playing for the national championship the day after the reunion, January 10th!

Lets start in mid September, when my stress levels were way too high watching all the Giants games.  When they finally won the NL West,  I was just happy to be in the playoffs.  I thought we could beat the Braves, but I honestly didn’t think we could beat the Phillies.  Glad I was wrong! I enjoyed Game 1 of the World Series around AT&T Park where the Giants play to a great atmosphere and can not believe they actually won a Championship!  (Good thing we won it this year, now that Philly has gone and bought (and traded) for the best rotation of all time, however, the giants are have the best HomeGrown rotation ever.  Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez, and Bumgarner were all drafted by the Giants) What more can I ask for…

Well I guess if that wasn’t enought, the Ducks have been the best football team in the country! I honesty do believe the Ducks might be able to beat the pitiful Niners.  If you have not seen a Duck game (or their amazing uniforms) you will sure be in for a treat.

So wedding planning… I don’t really do much, I just either agree or disagree with whatever Alyssa comes up with (most of the time agree ;).  However, she gets to plan the wedding, I get to plan the honeymoon… seems fair.

How many of y’ll ski?  These cold winter months would go by way to slow if it weren’t for skiing!  The resorts are Heavenly Tahoe, and Northstar at Tahoe, both are free for me due to my position working at the ski shop!While San Francisco is great I keep missing the 18325 and can barely wait another 6 months! Just think in 180 some odd days, you will alll be on buses going up the camp road, seeing all your friends and favorite counselors.  Keep warm this holiday season and look forward to seeing many of you this weekend!