Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween from all of us at the Winter Office!!

So, what are you going to be for Halloween?? If you pop on over to Brian and Pam’s blogs you will see tons of photos from our Summer Halloween celebration this past summer, so go have a look and make sure you come back to my blog.

Welcome back. This past week, I heard from Meg Mucatel who told me she was going to be one of the 3 Blind Mice at school for “costume day”. That’s a great idea Meg. I can see it now- me, Armon, and Ginsburg…wonderful!

Otherwise, things are going well in the office. Pam worked long and hard on finding a new location for Reunion 2011 and while I am not ready to let out the secret just yet, it’s going to be at a fun, new location and I think everyone will really enjoy the activities this place has to offer. Speaking of reunions, how about Canteen on the Fly, which is in just a few weeks. We hope to see as many of you as possible and hopefully you can bring a friend or two who might even be interested in coming to camp! It’s going to be loads of fun, we have a special giveaway for everyone who shows up, and of course who could pass up Ice Cream. I think the best location is NYC- Ben & Jerry’s, but I have to say Goodnoe Farms in Newtown, PA was also terrific.

Short blog for today before the weekend, but enjoy the following JibJab, which of course was produced by our very own Jcal. It seems these JibJabs have become an annual tradition now on Halloween- ENJOY and have fun trick or treating!

Click Here for a Special Halloween Greeting!