Happy Halloween!

Hey Everybody! Happy Halloween, as I sit at my desk here in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Unfortunately, it’s a bit gloomy out, but the good news is it’s in the low 70’s. Nice and warm for everyone walking around trick or treating.

One place not so warm though is camp. I was up there last week and boy was it cold! We are currently working on tons of projects, but as always it’s a little too early to let you in on the secrets just yet. Just know that there are some pretty impressive things that are coming for next summer. Camp looks great and it’s always fun being up there.

From one extreme weather to the other, the week before, my family was down at Club Med in Florida celebrating a milestone birthday for my mom, AKA Grandma to Carli! My niece, nephew, brother, sister-in-law, Robin, myself, and Carli all spent a week enjoying the sun, swimming in the pool, and eating lots of good food. Robin loved the trapeze…I preferred a ground position taking photos! Believe it or not, that’s Robin! I wanted Carli to try it next, but she has to wait until she’s 4!

photo 4


Back in the winter office, we are planning our travels for the year. I will be headed to Australia/New Zealand and London to hire fantastic new staff and meet with our returnees. Then I am headed to France to meet up with some of our French families and introduce Canadensis to a few new families! Robin is looking forward to a quick trip to London with me and we have some cousins there I hope to meet up with too. Throw in a few trips to Florida to meet with our Chef David and see Robin’s family, along with a trip at the end of Dec. to Aruba…it’s alot of flying! Carli is an expert flyer and racking up the frequent flier miles like her daddy! Are you going to be in Aruba during the last week of Dec? Let me know, hope to see you on the beach!

Time for me to head home and trick or treat with Carli! She is going to be a bumble bee tonight, check out photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram later. And finally, don’t forget to post YOUR photos in costume by using #spookadensis. We want to see YOU in costume!