Hello Canadensis!

Happy New Year!  2011 is now officially upon us which means one thing…camp time is getting even closer!  Ha Ha!  It also means that our Annual Reunion is this weekend on January 9 for all those campers and counselors that attended camp last summer.  Can’t wait to see all of you at Jeeper’s in Elizabeth, NJ from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm.

Does anyone have any good new year’s resolutions?  If so, I’d love to hear them.  E-Mail me at brian@canadensis.com.  As for me, one thing I’d like to do is blog more.  I have gotten comments from so many campers and counselors that they enjoy reading the blogs of myself, Eric, Pam and Cara, so we hope to bring more of it coming to you in the months leading up to camp.

I hope everyone had a very safe, fun and happy holiday season.  I have heard that some of you went away on some great trips and vacations.  Hopefully, you brought some Canadensis gear while away.  If so, send us your pictures and we will put them in the next Canadensis Courier newsletter or post them on our blogs.  As for me, I got to get away to San Francisco for a week.  Of course, as many of you know, it was music related.  I got to see The Black Crowes on the final three nights of their Northeast tour at the Legendary Fillmore Theater.  During the time there, Jaime and I did some great things including Alcatraz, Muir Wood, the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Factory (and ended up spending over $75 on jelly beans, too), Fisherman’s Wharf, Haight-Ashbury, the Castro and Golden Gate Park.  While on the west coast, we had a great dinner with Mike Lindquist and Alyssa Thibodeau.  Here are some pictures of our trip…

Me at Muir Woods in classic tree hugger position. The trees at Muir Woods are over 300 foot tall and 1000 years old. Amazing!

Me and Jaime at Haight-Asbury intersection.

Me and Jaime at the famous "Painted Ladies" Victorian homes. These are the same houses you see at the opening of the show Full House. The dog in the background definitely makes the photo complete.

During the holiday break, I did get the chance to visit a few camp families.  First, in Scarsdale, NY, I saw Jordana and Ben Kaller.  Jordana is returning to camp for her second summer as part of our Upper Inter Girls division.  In 2011, she will be joined, by Ben, who is in the 3rd grade and be in our Junior Boys division.  While at their house, Ben and Jordana talked a lot about Color War and both even suggested some Color War names for this year’s festivities.  They also presented me with a song called “The 14 Days of Camp,” to the tune of the “12 Nights of Christmas,” which goes as follows:

On the 14th day of camp, Brian gave to me…14 CITs, 13 camp fires, 12 chicken fritters, 11 noodles and kick boards, 10 head staff members, 9 pairs of flip-flops, 8 life jackets, 7 lazy Wednesdays, 6 great electives, 5 days of Color War, 4 awesome counselors, 3 bunks per division, 2 Color War teams and 1 long, long, long bus ride home.

Jordana also told me that she and her bunkmates have seen each other several times since camp ended, including her own birthday sleepover.  She is also starring as Peter in her school’s play of “Peter Pan.”  She also wanted to give shout outs to Mara Bernstein and Jeremy Tarica!  She is so looking forward to Summer 2011.  Ben has been busy this fall and winter with fencing and tennis and has even created his own business with a friend.  You can check it out at www.coolpaperplanes.com .  This summer, he can’t wait to try the Hondas and G0 Karts as well as go waterskiing and go on the Summit.  Here is a photo of us…

Me with Jordana and Ben Kaller.

In Springfield, NJ, I met up with the Silverstein Family to see second generation Canadensis campers Josh and Zach.  Their mom, Jodi (maiden name: Shickler), was a camper at Canadensis in the 70s and 80s and she can’t wait to hear about all the camp stories her sons bring home this year.  Josh is in the fourth grade and will be in the Lower Inter Boys Division while Zach is in first grade and will be in our Junior Boys Division.  Both boys are huge Mets fans and I even got to watch a DVD of Mets Opening Day from a few years ago when the boys got on ESPN.  Josh plays baseball, basketball, sledding and has been in a number of musical theater productions including “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” “Once On This Island,” “Seussical,” and “The Pajama Game.”  This summer, Josh is really looking forward to being in the camp shows, gaga, fishing, the Canadensis Baseball League and Color War.  His brother Zach plays soccer, baseball, and basketball, enjoys sledding and spending time with his family.  He is really excited to have his birthday at camp along with playing gaga, fishing, kayaking, woodworking, Color War and being on a soccer team.  Her is  a picture from my visit…

Me with Zach (left) and Josh Silverstein.

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures to share, but over the break I also saw Amanda and Julia Mirsky who wanted to say hello to everyone at camp.  At a New Jersey Devils game, I saw Rylie Frieder and her dad Jason.  Unfortunately, the Devils lost that game as they have been losing most games this year.

Speaking of losing, I am ready to take my fair share of abuse from Eagles fans this summer after my Giants blew a 21-point lead to Philadelphia a few weeks ago and ultimately crushing our spirit.  Thanks to all you that chose to send me those “wonderful” e-mails reminding me of the debacle, too.  I really appreciate it.  Not!  With my Big Blue out of the playoffs, my rooting interest will go to the Ravens, Colts, Saints and Packers.

Well, that’s all for today.  More blogging to come.  After all, it’s my New Year’s Resolution!

Have a great day…Brian