Hello Maryland!

Hello Canadensis…

First off, a very Happy Hannukah to all that celebrate the Festival of Lights! I hope the holidays are filled with fun and family. By the way, how many ways are there to spell Hannukah? As you can see, I choose the “H” to begin, not the “Ch” and use one “N” in the middle. I also put an “H” at the end. However, it seems like there are so many different versions of the spelling. I have seen everything from Chanukah to Hanuka to Channukah. Is there one proper way to spell it? Whatever it is, I hope you are all having fun celebrating and getting some good gifts!

I hope all of you checked out our big announcement the other day. We are so happy that Will Armon and Brian Stern will be our Head Counselors for Summer 2010. Both bring so much experience in these roles and we know that each will bring a lot of spirit, dedication, creativity and fun to camp this year. I know for a fact that both of them have been looking forward to one day attaining theses top positions at camp and we are confident that they will deliver time and time again to the campers, parents and staff.

On Friday morning, I hit the road early because I had scheduled a day to visit some of our campers in Maryland. It’s a little bit of a ways away, but I had a number of calls to make on the way down which passed the time. First, I stopped to see new campers Haley and Marshall Greenspan, who live in North Bethesda, MD. We actually first met at a great pizza place called Mamma Lucia’s for some pizza. After a few slices, we went back to their home to talk a bit more about camp. Haley is in 2nd grade and will be in Girls Bunk 2 in Summer 2010. At home, she is busy with Horseback Riding lessons, an Art Program she is involved with on Saturday mornings and Swimming classes. This summer, she can’t wait to try out all of the different rooms at the Art Center, including Ceramics, Glass Fusion, Woodworking and the Art Shack. She is also looking forward to Cooking, GaGa, Swimming and Gymnastics. Brother Marshall, who is in 1st grade, will be in Boys Bunk 2 next year. He also takes Horseback Riding and Swimming lessons, but is soon to start up with an Ice Hockey program in the upcoming weeks. At camp, Marshall is eager to try Waterskiing, the Foam Pit, GaGa and Hockey. Here is a picture of us…

Me with Haley and Marshall Greenspan.  Both will be Juniors in Summer 2010.

Me with Haley and Marshall Greenspan. Both will be Juniors in Summer 2010.

Next, I made my way over to see Jackie Vinokur, another second grader, who will be in Girls Bunk 2 next summer.  Jackie is very busy with a number of different activities in the winter from Art and Chess classes to Tennis lessons to playing the Piano.  She is looking forward to a lot of the activities that Canadensis has in store and is ready to meet a whole bunch of new friends at camp!

Finally, I made my way over to see 2010 Upper Senior Danielle Schapiro, who will be returning to camp for her seventh summer!  Dani is currently in the 8th grade and is very involved with Hip Hop, Jazz and Ballet classes.  A lot of her practicing is for the spring, in which she will be trying out for prominent class called Poms.  Over Thanksgiving, Dani and her family went to colonial Williamsburg / Jamestown in Virginia for a very traditional way to celebrate the holiday.  For the new year, the family is planning a trip to Cancun.  Dani is continually keeping in touch with camp friends and will soon be visiting with bunk mate Rikki Pilavin in a few weeks.  Exciting!  Here is a pic of me and Dani…

Me and 2010 Upper Senior Girl Dani Schapiro.

Me and 2010 Upper Senior Girl Dani Schapiro.

I was supposed to hit Reistertown, MD for my final stop but the traffic outside of Baltimore was absolutely killer!  I was going to see Cameron and Kelsie Ahern, but unfortunately it didn’t work out.  I’m sorry guys, but I will hopefully see you at the reunion.  We need someone to invent a flying car to eliminate any traffic!

Today was filled with a lot of holiday shopping.  I hit Toys R Us, which is always fun!  Every time I go there, I think how much cooler toys are today then when I was a kid!  Then, it was off to the grocery store to stock up on tomorrow’s tailgate.  Big game vs. these Philadelphia Eagles!  Tomorrow on the menu is roasted corn chowder, chili, pigs in a blanket, pulled pork and of course, Philly Cheese Steaks in our Eat’em and Beat’em style!  It is supposed to be super cold out tomorrow with a chance of rain or snow.  Fun!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!