Week in Review

What a long week it’s been! Monday and Tuesday I was up at camp and had a great time seeing all of the wonderful improvements we are working on up there. It’s definitely turning cold and it snowed on Sunday and then again on Wednesday. Back in the winter office, we had a big meeting to discuss plans for the winter. I can’t quite divulge all of the secrets to you campers just yet, but we may be coming to your town, so stay tuned for more details on that. (Staff out in Washington state, we may not make it out there though!)

Our office on Wednesday had our winter holiday party, which was a lunch at Redstone Grill. Aunt Terri bought the females a small little gift and the men got pretzels from Callie’s Pretzel Factory/Candy Kitchen. We all also got specialty homemade candy canes, including the one I got temporarily, a peanut butter filled candy cane. I was so excited to try this candy cane, but was so full from lunch, so I left it on my desk overnight. When I arrived the next morning, the candy cane was gone! So, I began an investigation and after wrongly accusing Pam of stealing it (and then apologizing), the truth came out that Aunt Terri regifted my special candy cane to Neil so that his daughters, Mel and CJ Sukonik  could enjoy it. Oh well, I didn’t need it anyway. The word on the street is that Matt is going to camp Monday for the sole purpose of bringing home a stash of Peanut Butter filled candy canes. While in the area, he may drop in at camp. Just kidding, he is going to camp to work on a special secret project that we will fill you in on real soon.

Thursday brought Jaycal to our winter office, which was alot of fun. He came with his camera and laptop and filmed/edited a few special editions of Canadensis Today, which will be posted over the coming weeks. He is so excited to be coming back to camp and we had a long meeting over lunch to discuss plans for the new “Canadensis Today Elective” that we will be offering this summer.  We have already purchased 4 new video cameras for you all to use during this elective and we have such terrific ideas to bring new segments and increased camper involvement to the extremely popular Canadensis Today Show!

After dropping Jaycal off at the Amtrak station for his train back to NY, Matt and I met Bobby Clearfield, who is a Canadensis alumni and the uncle of former camper Alex Clearfield, for dinner. We went to Chinatown, my first time there in the 6 years I have lived in Philly. We had dinner at the local Indian restaurant, just kidding!! We went to the Imperial Inn, a good chinese restaurant and enjoyed catching up on Canadensis news and updates. He promised to be at the Canadensis Turns 70! Reunion that we will be having in honor of our 70th anniversary for all of our alumni up at camp on June 19th.

In the mail this week, I got a thank-you note from new camper David Brucker. I am the one who opens all the mail here at camp and it’s extremely rare that I ever get a “fun” piece of mail, as it’s usually bills, etc.  So when I opened this great thank you note it really brought a smile to my face and as corny as it sounds, it reminds me how much I love my job!


And finally, the Ambos family sent me a really nice email along with pictures of them in Disney! Apparently, based on 2009 CIT Mara Bernstein’s recommendation, they ate at the Chef Mickey’s breakfast and absolutely loved it! Thanks for sending in the pics.

Lauren and her dad Jon sporting their Canadensis gear!

Lauren and her dad Jon sporting their Canadensis gear!

Lauren, her sister Jamie (a future Canadensis camper!), and their dad!

Lauren, her sister Jamie (a future Canadensis camper!), and their dad!

Just in case you didn’t see the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, make sure you watch the Today Show below!!!!!!! See you all at the reunion in LESS THAN ONE MONTH.

And finally, HAPPY HANUKKAH!