Home Visit: NYC

I recently got to spend a lovely Saturday morning getting to know a new camper who lives on the Upper West Side of NYC.  Michele is a current 4th grader, and will be a Lower Inter Girl at camp this summer.  I first met her when she came up to take a tour of Canadensis and I was her guide – so it was only fitting that we switched roles, and she gave me a guided tour of her apartment!  I was so impressed by her awesome room – she has shinny pink carpet, oversize 3D cube art coming out of the walls, and fun stuff in every direction you look!  However, if you get dizzy, I don’t recommend looking down and out the window…she’s so high up that the people on the street below look like ants!

We both love dogs, and as you can see from the photo above, her dog Oreo is super cute!  This photo doesn’t even show how cute he is, but he loves to play soccer…just like Michele!  She loves the color blue, and all kinds of sports – she plays tennis mostly, but she also has gone to a golf camp, and played a season of softball.  She is a really good student, and she was telling me about the different class room jobs she has.  She is in charge of answering the classroom phone, but she also gets different jobs every two weeks…like being in charge of recycling, or giving out snack.  She said the best job is being the joke teller…which sounds like a great idea for our camp job wheel!  Oue bunk jobs rotates everyday so campers get to do different things that help keep the bunk clean.  Even when she’s not in school, Michele makes sure to spend 30 minutes a day reading.  Right now she’s enjoying the Percy Jackson book series.

She’s going to have no trouble finding foods she likes at camp this summer, and some of her favorites on the salad bar will be red peppers, cucumbers and carrots.  We talked about the awesome new water slides we are building in the brand new blue pool, and although she doesn’t think she’s ever been on a water slide, she is planning to try it this summer!  Although she doesn’t know anyone coming to Canadensis yet, she has a lot of friends at home…including some that live in the same building as her, so they are only an elevator ride away!  She was off to a chocolate birthday party at Max Brenners after our home visit, and hopefully one of her new camp friends will have a summer birthday so she can see what it’s like to have a Canadensis pizza birthday celebration!