“I Made This Monday”: International Canteen On The Fly Shirts!

Earlier this winter, “Aunt” Terri, the owner of Camp Canadensis, was taking a trip to London and Paris.  She had a great idea to pull together our international campers, and throw a “Canteen on the Fly” for our French campers!  Since we had just finished giving out t-shirts to all the US Campers that came to our Canteen’s on the Fly in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we thought we could make a special shirt for those overseas…


-A clean, pre-washed t-shirt – and an extra cloth

-Iron-on appliques – easily found at a craft store like Joann, Michaels or AC Moore.

-An iron and ironing board.

Instructions (This is super easy!)

1.  Layout the appliques and make sure they are in a straight line.

2.  Grab your extra cloth (I used another t-shirt) and use it as a barrier between your letters and the hot iron.  Make sure your letters aren’t shifting before you place the iron down!

3.  Press hard and gently move the iron in circles for however long it says on your package.

4.  Let the shirt cool, and enjoy your personalized shirt!

Here all the final shirts for “Aunt” Terri, the Paris campers, and an outstanding staff member named Lauren Berry who is currently living in London!

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