Home Visits on Long Island!


I recently had a great trip to NY, and got to spend time with some Canadensis families, including Julia, a current 3rd grader who will be an Upper Junior Girl this summer. She lives in Woodbury, NY, and goes to the Syosset schools.  She just cannot wait for camp!  Here’s what you should know about this great new camper:
  • She really loves to dance!  She is taking hip-hop and jazz classes right now, and she likes her jazz song best “Popular Song”.  Her hip-hop song is “Party in the USA”, which is one of my favorites!
  • Julia also just finished her basketball season.  Her softball season is about to start, and she plays in both the fall and the spring and she plays all different positions.
  • She obviously very active…but does not like running on grass, so soccer is not one of her favorite sports!
  • She also goes to Brownies, and they get to do crafty projects.  Last year they took a really fun trip to Build a Bear.
  • Her cousin Hannah lives in Florida, and is also coming to camp with her for the first time this summer.  They both did Tour & More Weekend last year.
  • She started learning to play the violin this year.
  • Her room is decorated with photos of her teammates, along with all of her trophies.  She hopes to start earning big ones like her sister!
  • Julia had too many teddy bears to count on her bed, and she likes to stay up late.  It’s very hard to wake her up in the morning sometimes – the counselors might even has to jump on her bed!
  • She just started reading the Harry Potter books about a month ago and she is already in the middle of book four…but she might already be on book five by now!
  • Her day camp last year went to see Matilda on Broadway so I told her about all the different trips Junior girls go on (camping overnight, movies and Dorney Park!).
  • She will probably want to be on one of our competition dance teams just like her big sister and choose dance as an elective.
  • Her favorite color is pink and she is known as the LOUD one in her family!
  • She and some friends dressed up like a “nerds” for Halloween, and she showed me the costume in her closet in that’s almost completely filled with costumes!
Her big sister, Alexandra is in 5th grade, and will be an Upper Inter Girl this summer.  It’s going to be her second year at camp, and she’s pretty obsessed with Canadensis!!  Most of the posters in her room are from camp – she took photos and put them in the shape of “six” because that was her bunk number.  She’s been telling her sister tons of camp stories, it’s their favorite topic to talk about a night.
Alexandra has been staying busy, taking jazz and hip-hop dance classes.  She loves texting with her bunk friends all the time, and had a reunion at Make Meaning this year (she showed me the awesome candle they made!).  She’s already decided she wants to be a camp director when she’s older (nothing could make me happier!) and she’s about to start playing softball!  Can’t wait to see her on the field this summer!


The next night, I went to Merrick, NY, and got to spend time with Jared, a current 3rd grader who will be an Upper Junior Boy at camp this summer.  He did Tour & More Weekend in 2012, and I was totally impressed with how much he remembers about camp!  He’s a super active guy who really loves to play sports, so his counselors better have a lot of energy to keep up with him!  Here’s what you should know about this all-star camper:
  • His favorite sports are baseball and basketball.
  • He plays on a flag football team and also plays roller hockey!  I told him about the Super League (more competitive optional leagues for campers) and he thinks he might want to be in the CFL (football), CHL (hockey) and CBL (baseball) leagues, but he has time to decide!
  • Jared is also really excited about the lake activities and the summit (climbing wall & slide in the lake).
  • We went through the camp schedule, and talked about Special Days on Thursday, and he thought it all sounded like a lot of fun!  He’ll have no trouble sleeping until 9:30am on the late mornings!
  • He’s looking forward to the camping trip, and might want to spend a night in the backyard to get ready before camp.
  • He doesn’t like fish, and won’t eat tuna fish, fish sticks, or anything fishy…but he will try fishing as an activity!
  • He’s really excited for the glass fusion program, and will probably choose that for an elective.
  • Jared has a razor motorbike that he loves to ride, so he’s going to be really fast at learning how to ride the Quads and Hondas.
  • He also likes mountain biking, and has gone on hills at the Norman J. Levy preserve.
  • Both of his parents went to camp and Jared is a total camper!
  • His dad played lacrosse in college but he hasn’t tried – maybe he’ll give it a go this summer?
  • Blue is one of his favorite colors, so maybe he’ll be on the blue team for Color War!
  • He’s really smart, understood everything we talked about and had wonderful camp questions!
Jared’s big brother had some friends over during my visit, including Ben Negrin!  Ben is in 6th grade, and is going to be a Freshman Boy at camp this summer – and he’s getting his 5 year jacket!  Very exciting!!
I also got to see Tim Hatcher – our Digital Photography specialist.  We can’t wait to have Tim back for his second summer.  I met up with him on the Hofstra University campus, and then I got to spend some time getting to meet his awesome and creative friends who also want to work at camp this summer.  It was wonderful to see him, he can’t wait for summer!!