Philly Area Junior Girls!


I’ve got some more great new campers to introduce you to! First up is Sammy (Samantha or Sam), she is currently in 3rd grade and will be an Upper Junior Girl this summer.  She lives in Penn Valley, PA and last summer she came to Canadensis for the first ever Tour & More Play Day!  I had a lot of fun hanging out with her and getting to know more about her, and here’s what you should know about this great new camper:
  • She is a gaga champion!  Last summer she was called “Lady Gaga” after winning first place at her day camp!
  • She loves activities that start with S…including soccer (she plays midfield), softball, and sewing!
  • Her family has a fish tank in the house, a fish pond in the backyard, and while we were talking we saw a deer wander into her backyard – it felt like we were at camp!
  • She had heard a bunch of rumors about camp…like that there are alligators in the lake, and that only boys can use the slides in one of the pools…so I’m glad I got to tell her that those were all wrong!
  • She is an amazing rainbow loomer (and I’ve seen a lot of loomers!).   She showed me all the stuff that she made, including charms of smiley faces, bracelets with the flag of countries on it, and tons of awesome stuff like snakes and dragons – she figures it all out herself!
  • She loves 1Direction, and Zayn is her favorite!
  • Her favorite color is gold, and she’s only won color or one time at day camp, but it was when she was on the blue team!
  • She is a big sister to her brother, Zachary (he’s also a good rainbow loomer!)
  • She likes to write stories, including ones for her brother.
  • She likes to sing, and has been in shows before like Peter Pan. She thinks that she will try out for the play this summer!
  • At her most recent birthday party, they played “camp games” that her mom (a big time camper) organized!  One of the party games was like “Miss Canadensis”, where the boys got dressed up like beauty contestants…but I won’t tell you the winner was!
  • Her mom makes really good cookies…and Sam is already excited for some on visiting day!
  • She had great packing questions, and has already got soccer socks and personalized camp stationery ready to go!
  • She is a really great artist, I loved seeing all of her projects and ceramics!
  • She goes to classes at the Handworks Studio, and has sewn pillows, bags, a stuffed animal scarf, a crazy monkey, and is working on a skirt!
  • She also goes to Hebrew school and likes her to teachers.
  • For her electives she wants to do gaga, needle art, glass fusion, and ceramics…sounds like some fantastic choices!
Next up is Ali, a current 3rd grade who will be an Upper Junior Girl at camp this summer!  She lives in Plymouth Meeting, PA, and was at camp last summer for the Tour & More Weekend.  She’s been up at camp at bunch of times visiting her two older sisters on Visiting Day as well.  She’s the youngest, and she can’t wait to spend the entire summer at Canadensis this year!  Here’s what you should know about this awesome girl:
  • She is really good at cleaning up, and is going to help her bunk win honor bunk prizes this year!
  • But, she’s also a “pack rat” who loves to collect things!  She just got bunk beds in her bedroom, and they are covered with stuffed animals!
  • I’m serious…there are too many stuffed animals to count in her room!  They are on her bed, in her closet…even her trashcan is a stuffed animal!  But there two extra special ones that will be coming to camp with her: Beary Bow and Hershey.
  • She loves being in the 3rd grade, and has the best and nicest third-grade teacher.
  • She loves to dance!  She spends a lot of her time on the weekend rehearsing and going to dance classes, and is on a competition team.
  • Last summer she spent a few weeks at a gymnastics camp. She learned how to do flips (which she can do into swimming pools!) and was hoping she could do it off the balance beam into the foam pit at camp!
  • Really excited about all the lake activities, including the summit.  She wants to ride the banana boat as often as possible!
  • Despite having the shortest legs, she is the fastest of the girls in her family!  The counselors are going to have to try and keep up with her!
  • Ali can be very adventurous.  She’s done some really wild rides at Ocean City before, but she thinks she’ll go in a slower group for Dorney Park.  What she’s really excited about is trying to find and to win a huge stuffed animal…especially if it’s a Snoopy so it can hang out with the other ones on her bed!
  • Her family just got an adorable new dog named Ozzie!
  • She suggested that on the first day of camp, I should have Annie (my dog) spray-painted blue and gold to welcome everybody to the summer…so funny!
  • She loves to talk and chat…and she loves the color purple!
  • She played lacrosse this year, but didn’t really like it once the ball hit her in the face! But, she’s ready for all the activities at camp!
In the photo above, you can see all of Ali’s sisters!  On the left is Jenna, a current 6th grader who will be a Freshman Girl for her 4th summer at camp!  She is really excited about all the changes for Freshman, including cooking as an elective, the perks of being on the Hershey trip, no more instructional swim, and a couple of late morning sleep ins!  Jenna is a really sweet big sister, and she knows how hard it can be to go away for camp each summer…and she’s so caring, and gives great advice!  It was fun talking about some of our favorite camp memories, including going on the summit with Annie and the makeover of Coach K a few years ago!
On the right is Kylie, a current 4th grader who will be a Lower Inter Girl at camp for her 2nd summer.  She went through major depression when camp ended last year…her mom said you didn’t want to be around her for a whole week!  She would be ready to get on the buses to Canadensis right now, so luckily there are only 85 days to go!  She really loved being on the camp competition dance team, and she told me how much fun it was to paint Annie’s nails last summer.  She having a good time “ruling” the school this year, and she’s looking ahead to some great new elective choices for Lower Inters, including quads, ceramics wheel and the Canadensis Today Show!
I look forward to seeing both of these girls on Sunday, along with ALL OF OUR NEW CAMPERS at Rebounderz for New Camper Bouncing!  It’s so much fun introducing all the awesome new kids I’ve met this year, and watching the new friendships form.  Plus…we are going to do a ton of bouncing!  Can’t wait to flip out with all of you…I’ve loved bouncing since I was a kid (check out the throwback above from when I was 10 on a family trip to Israel!).