Home Visits: PA

Kratchman Blog

On a recent sunny day, Eric and I got to visit a great new family in Dresher, PA with two siblings heading to Camp Canadensis for the first time this summer!  We had so much to learn about this awesome brother/sister duo, it took two of us!  Here’s what you need to know about these new campers:

Landon is a current 3rd grader, who will be an Upper Junior Boy this summer.  He’s a big fan of the Philly sports teams, so expect to hear him cheering loudly at Morning Line Up if the Phillies are winning!  He not only likes to watch sports, but he likes to play them too.  He’s on a travel baseball team, plays hockey, and pretty much likes every sport there is!  He knows how to roller blade, so maybe he’ll join our CHL Roller Hockey league this summer!  We talked a bit about food, and he was excited to know we serve lox & bagels every Sunday morning.  We can’t wait for him to try our Canadensis hamburgers, and let us know if they are even better than his favorite one from Texas Roadhouse!  He’s already thinking about which sweet treats he’ll want from the canteen, and he can’t wait for Hershey’s bars!  He plans to write lots of letters home, and to friends at other camps – and he will definitely be excited for the inter-camp games this summer!  His favorite color is blue, so hopefully he is on the blue team when Color War breaks this year!

Rayla is a current 1st grader, and she will be a Lower Junior Girl this summer.  She’s full of energy and ready for the nonstop action at camp!  While we were over she showed off her gymnastics skills with tumbles and splits – we’ll make sure she keeps practicing in our gymnastics facility this summer.  She is really silly, and fun!  She sang us a pig song, and did a dance she learned from her Kindergarten play…maybe she’ll try out for our camp show this summer?   She’s very comfortable on stage, and even did a gymnastics performance in her school talent show.  She loves yogurt and was happy to hear we have it on our breakfast bar every morning – and she loves cookies & cream ice cream so she’ll try to be the cleanest bunk this summer and win ice cream parties!  She is really excited for the new waterslides at camp (they are being put up right now, and they are HUGE!).  Before we left, she showed off her t-shirt folding skills, and did a great job!


I also spent some time with Jordyn, a current 4th grader who will be a Lower Inter Girl, returning to camp for summer #2!  She lives in Lafayette Hill, PA and she’s about the happiest person you will ever meet!  Here’s what Jordyn’s been up to this year:

She’s been super busy on the weekends.  In just one weekend she played in a soccer game, a softball game, went to a swim party, AND a party at Benihana -she also went to Hebrew School a few dozen other things!  She is a super picky eater, but tried and liked new things at camp last year, like strawberries and grapes.  She is also one of our Gluten Free campers, and if you were lucky enough to stop by her bunk of Visiting Day last summer, you would have been able to enjoy the amazingly yummy GF cookie cake her mom made, it was huge!  She showed me how to play a new game called “stack the states”, which was super cool because I love geography!  (Really…I really love US geography!)


Jordyn has awesome collages on her wall of camp pictures, and I was really flattered to see that my blog post from the first time we met last year was printed out and hanging on her closet door!  She loves to dance, and told me about a square dancing lesson they had at school, she also came up with a new dance for cotton eyed Joe – sounds like a great gym class!  She’s been busy taking the PSSA (Pennsylvania school testing) and practicing for her “wax museum” project.  Each student has to research a famous Pennsylvanian, and dress up like them – she is going to be Olympic figure skater Tara Lipinsky!



Jordyn could not pick her favorite activity from last summer, she loves them all.  She hopes this year they will have a spa night evening activity and she is already thinking about how to dress for crazy night!