Up at Camp!

I am “burning the midnight oil” sitting in my office at camp. Matt Unger is in the Operations Office as well. It’s dark out (the area lights aren’t all on yet) and there are no basketballs banging into my office wall. I also don’t hear the CIT’s making phone calls home, the health center isn’t calling my desk to remind campers of bedtime meds, and the Upper Seniors aren’t outside walking back from the Senior Canteen! Can you tell I am feeling nostalgic and miss all of you? Head Chef David arrived at camp today and we just spent several hours talking about _____ (CAMP of course)! Additional kitchen staff arrive tomorrow and our first wave of precamp staff arrive Wednesday! Wow, where did the time go?

Camp itself looks great! We have been very busy with all of our winter projects and can’t wait to show them off to all of you. The paving project has been completed and the roads have never looked better! Might sound a little silly, but it’s definitely noticeable in front of the HQ and Dining Hall areas. Bob is putting the finishing touches on new landscaping to the right of the dining hall, leading down towards the amphitheater. Jimmy is finishing up the cabins in girls camp and they look awesome. Down by the lake, I just ordered 2 trucks full of sand! At the pool, the waterslides are in the process of being installed. Both blue and yellow tubes are up and we are just waiting for the stairs to get attached. Really, really impressive. A lot of our athletic courts and fields have been getting a facelift and we can’t wait for you to see it!

This weekend Carli turns 1! Can you believe it? Last summer she was carried all around camp…this summer she will be crawling through camp! It’s impossible to “baby proof” the amphitheatre steps, so we are going to rely on all of you to help Carli up and down the stairs this summer. Robin and I are so excited to reintroduce her to all of her brothers and sisters up here at camp.


Carli says hi!

Hope everyone is doing well and counting the days until camp…I know I am!