“I Made This” Monday: Accessory Bulletin Board

This super quick craft project occurred to me one night – I wanted to make a bulletin board that I could put in my closet and hang necklaces from.  The problem was that it was late at night, and there wasn’t a bulletin board in the house.  I decided to try and make it out of cardboard wrapped with fabric – so I gathered my supplies, and 20 minutes later, the new bulletin board was hanging up!  (Sorry for the grainy photos, they were taken on my iPad!)

I grabbed:

  • Two large cardboard boxes – a single layer won’t be thick enough.
  • A durable fabric – you don’t want it to be delicate because you’ll start to see pinholes.
  • An old frame – mine is from Ikea, and I painted the raw wood silver.  You do not need the plastic/glass.
  • Scissors/Box Cutter – ASK YOU PARENTS to help cut the cardboard!
  • Mod Podge – you can use any kind of glue you want, but I have a tub of Mod Podge, so I use it for everything!
  • Paint Brush – use a junky one because it will get covered with glue.
  • Push pins – these are the “hooks” you can hang jewelry from.

After I had cut the cardboard to the right size for my frame, I used the paint brush to spread the glue around.  I pressed the fabric into the glue to create a good bond, and then I wrapped both layers of the cardboard.  The back side is shown above, you do not need to wrap the full back in fabric because no one will see it.  I set the whole thing aside to dry for a 5 minutes.

When it was dry, I put the fabric wrapped cardboard back in the frame.  I used the backing on the frame to hang it, but you do not need the glass/plastic that came with the frame…but be sure to save it for another craft project!…and here’s the final product!  Simple and easy!  Can’t you imagine doing this project with a Camp Canadensis t-shirt and hanging your favorite camp photos on it??  I might have to try that next!

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