Becca is third from the left, dressed as Snuffleupagus for Halloween!

Becca Altschul

Hobbies when you’re at home: Dancing, Singing, Acting, Reading

Years at Camp: 6

One fun fact about you: I wear the same necklace every single day.

Favorite Camp Activity: Climbing Wall

Favorite Camp Memory: All of my color wars! Every year something new happens that I’ll never forget

Best Advice for a First Time Camper: Make it count!

What you’re most excited to do this summer: Getting to be with a bunk and living in the moment.

One thing you’ve never done at camp that you’re going to do this summer: Go on the overnight without complaining.

If you could plan your own perfect camp day, what would it look like: Just being with my division. We have fun together no matter what we do and I love them all 🙂