“I Made This” Monday: Bracelets

Can’t you feel it?!  Camp is getting SO close!  This warm weather just makes me want to put my friendship bracelets back on, and start building my 2012 “Camp Wrist“.  A “camp wrist” is how you lovingly display all of your favorite friendship bracelets, and as you get more and more throughout the summer, it gets higher and higher up your arm.  When it reaches your elbow…it means camp is almost over!

My absolute favorite friendship bracelet was made for me by BeckyJ (she is going to be at camp for her 13th summer, and will be a Group Leader!) and it’s the top one in the photo above.  It’s made out of rubber and metal chainmaille links – and she tried to teach me how to make it, but it’s really hard, which only goes to further prove how amazing she is!

The middle one was brought back from Africa by Terri Konst who has been working at camp for many years, and has been making sure our Evening Activities are top notch for the past four summers!  It’s one of the coolest bracelets I’ve ever seen, and they were very popular with the 2011 CIT Girls.

I made the bottom one on the last day of camp in 2011.  It was during the street carnival, and one of our staff members was teaching us how to make parachord bracelets – I always love learning a new skill, and I love the way it turned out!

These bracelets will definintely be on my “Camp Wrist” this summer, but I wanted to try out a few more options that I’d been seeing on Pinterest lately, so I got out some supplies…We keep our Arts & Crafts room SUPER organized, and I try to do the same at home.  I keep all my bracelet making supplies in a labeled shoebox, and it’s full of chains, string & beads.  Here’s what I made…

#1 Is just the standard “cobra” stitch made with a cotton rope, and I used a chain to attach the ends so I could roll it on and off like a bangle.  I used a dab of glue on the ends to keep the rope from fraying.  It was super quick so I made one in silver, and one in black.

#2 Is a quick version I made of the necklace tutorial you can find here: I used some friendship bracelet thread and just wove it through the chain and tied it all off together.  I think this will be a great project for art this summer!

More bracelets to come soon!  Remember…you can follow Camp Canadensis on Pinterest now!

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